The World

'World' can bring up many cultures, places, scenarios. It may be thought of as the maya, or the illusion. Here the World means victory to the master who brings inner understanding to the outside!

You are a spiritual artist who has used your learning well. You have utilized many experiences, tools, and understandings to create vehicles in the outermost World. These vehicles hold the neutral light and unconditional inspired feelings from the innermost world.

Thus, you now dance in the World but live in the feelings of unconditional love, unconditional evolution, unconditional compassion. Hallelujah! Few can accomplish this.

Rather than getting lost in life scenarios that invite you to turn sorrow into unconditional compassion, envy into unconditional manifestation, anger into unconditional force of good, and criticism into unconditional love of self, you received the wisdom.

You created ways to bring the neutral void of silence into the depth of your heart, thus into your life endeavors. You found out that all life occurrences are reflections of what we can learn. You took heed.

Now you reap fabulous rewards. You stay focused in the unconditional world of profound love and light, yet you dance in the World's activity without getting lost. Wow!

Did you find that the World was full of hidden agendas? Did you decide to bring meditation into real life? Did you choose to embrace many aspects of humanhood, yet keep your heart in the unconditional compassionate love?

Did you choose a hobby, career, and personal path that pleased you, allowing you to share the depth of light within yourself? The results are phenomenal. You are a modern-day master!

When you became lost in thought instead of following your thoughts to their natural conclusion, you forgot where you were. You fell for the illusion. You took life at face value. You attributed the responsibility for your created life to other people or scenarios. You got stuck. Not to worry. Now is the time to find your way back out.

The World card reminds us that the World is a learning temple. All that happens outside reflects all that is inside. In the deepest region of self is amorphous light out of which all else is born.

Surrounding this are "bank accounts" of every quality imaginable, to be used for good. For example, the following accounts are endlessly available to you at all times: laughter, kindness, compassion, joy, care, prosperity, love, wellness. When you work and play diligently with whatever appears, you find the source of each of these accounts.


What is real?

What is under whatever appears real?

What is under this?


Mediate on the light within all appearances. Feel for the eternal light in your heart.