The Tower

“No mountain of doom, Just foothills of Ferdinand. Towers of fire and glory as far as one can see." - Megan Frazer Blakemore, The Friendship Riddle

The Tower card suggests a point of a breakdown of what was once perceived as secure and safe but has now changed. This expected reality has collapsed.

A sudden explosion of truth! Once upon a time you thought everything was solid and real, then suddenly it clearly was not. This shock must have hit you very hard, because you are trying to understand what went wrong in the first place.

It is time to shed light on the Tower, as it was once a beacon of light for you. When you placed all your hopes on your dream, you may have put all your eggs in one basket at the time, and something came from what seemed to be nowhere and toppled this magnificent dream.

Did you build this Tower to become your ivory world of fancy? How about the foundation of this Tower, was it as sturdy as you expected it to be, or did you notice the flaws from the start, but hoped they would just go away?

The higher you climbed the stairs of the Tower, the less you saw what you left behind, because you moved up and lost sight of the ground level and gained more view as you were ascending to the top. A view from the top only made you want to dream some more, look for more conquests you would like to fill your life with. But did you allow yourself to recognize the powers which surrounded you?

When the Tower started to crumble, did you also lose hope? Reach out to hope. There was the internal strife of knowing that even as the tower was being built, it could also easily come down. But now invest in your Tower of inner truth, so that it can always stand tall. It can never fall, because the foundation of this truth of which you are is an eternal one from the Source. Learn to let go of your fears. The highest truths can now be realized.

Take time out to ground yourself in the mundane things around you. Remember who you are, gain groundwork in your internal sanctity.

Life is a constant change, from the highs to the lows to the highs and so it goes, like a merry-go-round. All you have to do is to work on embracing change and see that it is about assisting you to find this inner truth in yourself. Surrender to the moment of each moment, look into the changes.

Tower teaches us that the power of life is momentary; constantly go with the flow of its tides. Learn to have an open mind, an open heart, grateful and accepting.

When you are out of balance: You cling to the tangible things that force you to create in a very hard way. Your heart closes a little bit more, you lose touch with your senses, you find yourself clinging to things and ideas that no longer work. The more you struggle with the old ideas, the more you kick against change, the harder it becomes.

Medicine of the Soul suggests that you examine yourself; learn to identify what you are holding onto that does not serve you anymore. Learn to embrace change. Learn to let go of the pressure that you place on each other, the expectations of wanting to be made happy, when true happiness is within you.

Let this card teach you to take yourself in consideration in terms of finding out who you are. Knowing who you are allows you to see what is part of you or part of another fancy that you may have built on, because you perceived yourself to be like that or like this. You are you, infinite potential being.

Learn to embrace change in your life, relax and trust. Don't let go of your sense of humor; be willing to laugh at yourself.

Sometimes you will need to take a leap of faith. Remember this card and remember that it is a signal of guidance and breakthrough, growth from experience. Learn that you have the Eternal Tower within you as your higher self. Trust the inner beacon of light.

Mantra: I trust myself.