The Sun

The Sun card indicates a boon to any querent.

Symbolising fertility, children, an increase in physical vitality, times of celebration, exotic holidays, financial security and unbridled creativity, the Sun heralds rewards after a period of toil and sustained effort. When this card appears in a reading it emphatically sweeps away the cobwebs which the Moon card brought and it is a portent of happier, abundant, and more festive times to come.

A certain rejuvenation is indicated by the Sun card and it often foretells that the querent will have their "time to shine". This card is astrologically associated with our closest star, the sun. It represents, wealth, kingship, success, social status, good health, and complete control over one's material realm.

The Sun card is number 19 in the Major Arcana. The number 1 symbolises a new start and the beginning of self-actualisation and the number 9 indicates a critical turning point in one's life and the near completion of a particular situation in life. The sum of these two digits equals 10 which can be further added together to equal 1. We can interpret all these results as the querent having created a new and more abundant life after weathering a myriad of challenges.

In the Rider Waite deck an unclothed child riding a white horse is shown throwing its arms in the air with unrestrained and effervescent joy, the nakedness unambiguously symbolising a literal birth or figurative rebirth. White horses have been associated with solar energy and kingship in various cultures, examples being Pegasus in Greek mythology, the horse Al Buraq who is said to have carried the prophet Mohammed to heaven and earth in a single night, and the Nisean steeds favoured by the nobility of the ancient Persian empire. In ancient Celtic tradition, white horses were favoured as emissaries between the unseen realms and the material world and were revered as spiritual allies by shamans and mystics. Such associations indicate that the Sun card signifies a spiritual transcendence and the surpassing of previous personal and physical limitations.

The brick wall behind the child is symbolic of the hurdles that the querent has had to overcome in order to reach this point of success and the sunflowers are the quintessential embodiment of solar energy as they are a plant which which turns towards the sun as it follows its trajectory through the sky. Sunflowers are also a symbol of fertility owing to the fact that they bear hundreds of seeds within a single flower and the seeds themselves are rich in the minerals zinc and folate, which are known to support fertility and reproduction.

Although the Sun card unequivocally represents success, it is not an assured success. Since it is the card which follows the Moon, it does suggest that the querent must pursue their current trajectory and apply themselves to the task at hand to reap the foreseen rewards. If health issues are indicated, the Sun predicts that the person indicated will recover fantastically although there is a caveat that they must apply themselves to a regime.

In a love reading the Sun is almost without exception a positive portent. In an established relationship it signifies conquering obstacles, feeling a sense of rejuvenation within your relationship, exotic holidays with your beloved and at times, pregnancy. It is also a card which can symbolise the bonds of commitment deepening between a couple and can symbolise marriage. Depending on the deck, the Sun can show two children as opposed to one and in this instance it may even foretell the birth of twins. In a negative vein, the Sun card may indicate that your former lover has relocated abroad which would make reconciliation unlikely, or that they are enjoying their newfound freedom so much that they do not want to revisit the past. In terms of feelings, the Sun card is rather positive as it suggests that a person of interest feels alive in the querent's company and is eager to explore the connection further.

In a work and career reading the Sun is a wonderful omen. It frequently appears to signal to the querent that although they are working for a pittance, they will soon experience a time of wealth, recognition, and great success. Less often, it foretells success will come but in a foreign country and that a relocation is foreseen.

Timing: Generally timing is dependent on card placement within a spread. However, the summer period may be relevant.

Astrological Influence: Sun

Element: Fire

Positive Aspects: health, wealth, optimism, success, recognition, commitments deepening, success in foreign countries, pregnancy, family reunions, soldiering through difficult times to reach success

Negative Aspects: a former lover has relocated abroad, success must be earned as it it not guaranteed