The Sun

The Sun comes to tell you that you are on path. All of your choices have led you to this place and it is amazing. You feel joy, radiance and contentment. This is a rebirth into your truest, highest Self, your most delicious Self.

The answer to the question is YES! You are reunited to yourself, to your source! You are loved, you feel the warmth and nourishment and you live in abundance. Your inner light is shining bright and only getting brighter. Today is a new day, a day filled with light, love, and bliss.

The Sun has risen and there is a new awakening. This is the next new chapter and the past has been released. Today is the day that you know exactly who you are meant to be. All of your plans and goals are falling into place. You can breathe freely. There is no doubt that you are here to experience life at its fullest, its most deliciousness. You feel gratitude and you know that you are part of the whole, and it is all part of the process.

The light has shown through to illuminate, the confusion is gone, replaced with contentment and joy. This is a new beginning and there is closure to the past. You are free to be exactly who you are meant to be, you are free to do all you are meant to do!

Today you feel strong, you feel clear, you feel ready to take your life to the next level, a level of peace and serenity, and a place of true abundance. Open your heart and allow the light to pour in. Stop and take a moment to feel the light, the warmth of this light filling you from the inside out. Stop and take time to honor this light, to offer your gratitude, and to dance in the light. Also, remember that this light is your light and that your light and the universal light are one and the same. You are connected to everything and everyone!

Through this experience of oneness remember that, like the Sun, you are meant to radiate your light out to the world. It is in the giving that you are able to receive. Shine as bright as the Sun and know that you will always have what you need. In fact, you already do. It is within your light! The Sun shines every day without fail, never asking for anything in return. Allow a deep sense of knowing to wash over you, a knowing that everything you need, everything you want, you have. The Sun's light will show you the way.

This is a time to look to those around you and shine unconditional love and to be accepting of new love. The Sun comes to tell you that it is on the horizon. You are free of the past and you are now ready for the love you have been calling in. Love, light, and bliss are in your heart now. Continue opening up to new experiences and trust yourself. This is a time for you to know you are safe and you can open yourself up to love. Dance in the light and let the light dance with you!

As always, we get what we need when we need it. Know that you have purpose and your path is unfolding. Choose consciously to be the co-creator of your life. Go with the flow of the universe and trust in the Divine! You are stepping into your true nature, your highest Self, with ease and grace, and it is bliss! Open your heart up to love and light to experience life to its fullest.

"Here comes the Sun, Little Darling, here comes the Sun, and I say, it's ALL-right!" - The Beatles

Today's Meditation:

Step into your sacred space, find stillness, relax. Set a timer for 10-20 minutes. Breath deeply, slowly, mindfully. Place your right hand in the center of your chest and experience the vibration that is you. Become undefended, open to love, the love you are made of.

Silently to yourself, or out loud, repeat the mantra: "I open my heart to new experiences that take me to my highest good."

When your timer goes off, release your mantra. Feel your openness to it all. Enjoy the way it feels.