The Sun

"The sun lay like a friendly arm across her shoulder "- Margorie Kinnan Rawlings

The Sun is a representation of insight reflected outward. Unlike the Moon, the Sun requires you to look at what is the foremost in your internal consciousness.

The mental world is experienced through our expressions, through our senses. What does it mean to be conscious and unconsciousness?

The Sun conveys a sense of fertility and inner and outer cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth. This is a very warm and happy card. After the Moon opens new doors, the Sun comes up to light the way forward. We have new hope and belief.

The Sun represents healing, especially on an emotional level. It brings forward emotions of hope and happiness, along with a new sense of security, prosperity and healing. This is the space where miracles happen. The timing occurs when the unconsciousness becomes conscious, when you can see it become a reality.

The Sun invokes a feeling of emergence from our perceived shadows or night of the soul period. The Sun represents mysteries resolved. Tests and trials dissolve like mist in the first ray of sunlight. We can now enjoy our own internal and external expressive growth. This is the time to laugh and dance and celebrate.

The power of the ray of the true sun radiates from within you outward and illuminates your path forward. The true insight that is undeniable clarity is the light that you have been searching for. You may find new ways of resolving problems, new perspective ideas and fresh viewpoints.

Sun calls to you to embrace your true potential, to have eyes open now to see clearly, and to objectively consider any kind of obstacles and difficulty. We have the energy we need to embrace ourselves and know we are more than just what we embody and to dynamically deal with anything that we discover.

On a day ruled by this card, allow yourself to see the light from within that you have always been looking for, the light of awareness and to see all things in a new way. Allow yourself to embrace your truth. We can only see our inner light when we can become objectively aware that our experiences shapes our mental awareness. We also see that what we experience in a personal manner clarifies to us what we have created through our perceptions and intentions.

When we are out of balance: We become too involved within our own creations and this may lead to not being able to grow in an unselfish manner. Too much sun gazing can lead to feeling overwhelmed or more stressed out with problems.

Medicine: requires stepping back and to look at our achievements and what we have gained. By practicing gratitude we shall find ourselves again being able to deal with things in a more grounded manner. Revel in your midday glory as the sun shines on you, but do not have fear when the sun is followed by dusk.

Mantra: I am the empowered in my light.