The Star

Have you ever looked into the sky at night and made a wish upon a star, especially a falling star? If you have then you have a sense of what this card is about. It is as if you have a sense of blind faith in what you want and you know it will happen.

You may need a bit of luck on your side, and the ability to make room for everything that transpires to help you get your wish. However the card of the Star implies your wish will come true.

There is a feeling around that everything is going your way. This can be to do with any area of your life, be it romance, work or just life in general. You know you are on the right path. You would do well to keep that in your thoughts so no one persuades you otherwise.

Follow your heart and don't let any negative thinking come into your thoughts. The Star shows us that we have the capacity to see our dreams come true.

You may see events turning up in your life without warning showing you the way forward. Romance may be around the corner for you, and if you make a clear path for it to come into your life then you have a much better chance of achieving this than if you put up roadblocks to it.

Be prepared for new opportunities coming your way and with them the capacity for you to be your shining best.