The Moon

Additional deck interpretation:

The Moon points you towards a path of separating reality from illusion as you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth. This is the level on your continuous cycle of change where you need to learn to tell fact from fiction when dealing with people who want to trick or mislead you.

Perhaps you also need to determine if what you think you see or know is real or if your own mind is playing tricks on you.

The Moon is equated with confusion because her light is not as bright as that of the Sun. Shadows are deeper, your eyes and mind do not see things clearly, or it's possible you are frightened by the unknown. "Where there is perception, there is deception." "Don't believe everything you think." (The Diamond Sutra / Pema Chodron)

Sometimes you need to question your motives and the people around you! The Moon is associated with the keeper of secrets and events that are hovering behind the scenes that will come out of hiding and surprise you.

When the Moon appears in your tarot reading, you also need to pay attention to your dreams for they represents important events related to the past, present and future.

Sometimes your dreams will give you important information about the present or the future, but sometimes your dreams are a reflection of your feelings about the past. These feelings might stay repressed because of a past traumatic event that overwhelmed you with pain and anxiety. The Moon will awaken deep memories from the past and release them into the present, causing you to wonder why the past is resurfacing.

Numerical Number 18: This number is related to falling for a sob story, or getting tricked by someone, or making someone's problem your problem and carrying their baggage around and experiencing hardships and learning lessons.

The Moon's 18 consists of: 1 (a new beginning) + 8 (the power to make changes and achieve personal goals) = 9 (clearing the deck and doing whatever it takes to prepare for a new cycle).

The Moon is also associated with the path of mystery which indicates that you need to become the Hermit and take time away to understand distractions to determine if something is wrong in order to choose the right course of action to take.

The Element of Water: The Moon is associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces (mystery, wisdom, pain and ecstasy), and the planet Neptune (the mystical awakener). Neptune will awaken you because something mysterious is hovering behind the scenes that you cannot see or understand at the moment.

Probable Outcome: This is the time to rely on your higher-self, intuition, dreams and hunches to solve a personal mystery.

Your mind might be tricking you, or someone else might be tricking you. All is not what it seems to be and you cannot follow through with what you want to do until you are sure.

You might have vivid dreams and need to understand what these dreams mean because your dreams will give you important messages about the past, present, or the future, or your dreams might be aligning you with a future event that is about to happen.

Your psychic abilities might be opening up, or your intuition might feel disturbed, or you might have deep instincts that cannot be ignored.

Something might be coming to an end that you do not know about, but you have an inner knowing that something is not right.

Possible Outcome: You might make a mistake if you follow through with what you intend to do! It's the right time to slam on the breaks until you figure something out and listen to your higher-self, intuition, dreams and hunches to help you solve a mystery. Your dreams will provide important clues to understanding what is really bothering you!

Then again, you might not be able to channel the Moon's energies into your life at this time. If this is the case, you might feel lost in the fog, confused, very unhappy, and cannot make good decisions.

It's also possible that something has ended, but this ending will help you start a new beginning.

Timing: The Moon predicts that an important event may occur within the next 30 days.