The Moon

You may be feeling worried and drained from the many mixed signals and different answers you are finding about a particular situation in life. Don't allow the confusion to consume your mind any longer, or else that downward mental spiral may get worse.

Take some deep breaths and understand that you may not be seeing the entire picture right now. There is a sense of illusion and darkness that surrounds you and it's best to just hang on tight and allow the answers to be revealed to you in due time.

Trust in the natural cycles and rhythms our Universe adheres to.

Our Moon is the mistress of navigating through the darkness and is the key influence on our Earth's water and tides - thus making her symbolic of our intuition and emotions as well.

When this card is pulled in a reading, you may be under the influence of the moon or other astrological energies. Pay attention to how your moods and and energy levels shift with the ever-changing moon.

The Tarot Moon card asks you to pay close attention to your relationship with our closest celestial neighbor as it may be affecting you more then you know!

As the moon ebbs and flows from New to Full we experience shifts in our moods, energy levels and emotions as well.

Trust your own natural cycles. Like the Moon, you too experience cyclical shifts. Be gentle with yourself and understand that this too shall pass.

Your intuition may be feeling be feeling a bit off or clouded due to the emotions surrounding your current situation. Trust that you hold the answers within and that they will be revealed to you in the future.

Be watchful of your dreams at this time. Dreams may take on deeper meaning and your subconscious may try to give you answers to your problem through your dreams.