The Moon

The Moon card comes up when someone is feeling confused, or maybe feeling emotionally out of sorts. This card is associated with what Carl Jung called our “shadow self," which symbolizes the irrational part of ourselves prone to behavior that feels out of control and behavior and emotions motivated by fear.

The good thing about the Moon is it typically signals that things are not as bad as they seem.

All too often we find ourselves worrying about the future, our past, our present. We fall down rabbit holes of thoughts that don't serve us and feel like we are slipping off cliffs, while trying to grasp at non-existent ledges.

One of my favorite books of all time breaks down a folktale called "Sealskin, Soulskin". It's about a seal emerging from the waters to take off her skin and dance around as a woman. A lonely man ends up coming along and stealing this sealskin, and says he will give it back seven summers later if she marries him. So she agrees. In agreeing to marry him, she begins to dull out, to not make sense to herself.

The breakdown talks about how much we let certain situations, be it with a man or a woman or something else, thieve our souls, and how important it is to find a way back home to ourselves.

Maybe the way back is meditating until your thoughts slow down, or maybe it's going outside to get some air to untangle a little bit and get perspective. A friend of mine who is a wellness coach once wrote how she was feeling out of sorts, and for a day or two shut off her phone, her computer and just sat with herself until she felt at ease again - not always a luxury all of us can have, but maybe do this on a smaller level.

Whatever it is, there are acts you can perform that will take you back home to yourself. Maybe it's playing or listening to a song you like. Maybe it's making art. Maybe it's going through old photos. You just have to realize, the second you are off balance, to detach and ask the question “what do I need in this moment?" Or to remind yourself simply to simplify.