The Moon

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody." - Mark Twain

The Moon manifests in a steady process from darkness to light

The Moon reflects and reminds you how to observe your shadow. The shadow reveals the hidden aspects in your life, some things that have not been considered or even acknowledged. Beyond the shadows lies a path bathed silver in the moonlight.

When the Moon card comes up, you are urged to investigate the deeper things that you do not understand within yourself. Question why some aspects feel unresolved, why some thoughts or ideas scare you.

Question yourself on a deeper more intuitive level.

Breathe Deeply and allow your intuition to answer you through the shadow self, also known as the hidden parts of your personality. The shadow self becomes more illuminated or highlighted, more ideas come forward.

The Moon controls the tides of the ocean. The Moon assists with internal development and inner communication with your shadow or inner thoughts, hidden from you. The deepest thoughts that you may not have given attention to may rise to the surface as you slowly breathe and break through the loud chatter of your mind.

The Moon depicts a mysterious night-time scene. There is often water in the foreground and dogs or wolves baying at the Moon. Animals represent metaphorically your internal subconscious instincts and behaviors or impulses. Sometimes they are wild, sometimes they are scary, it depends how you look at yourself. These behaviors, or creatures, may be upsetting or stimulate unexpressed or unprocessed fears. You may even feel distressed and confused. These subtle, deeper emotions from the subconscious plane, or ocean of emotions, are also jumbled up solutions you may not know yet.

Learn to become calm, to observe and understand why you feel this way. You will find your inner truth, which is what you are being urged to seek in this moment.

The Moonlight illuminates all objects and experiences through a softer lens of light. It is important that you know that, even in your deepest mind, you are always given assistance and guidance, even when you perceive things to appear differently then they did when you started to look into the moonlight of your shadow self.

It is important to know that the Moon highlights all the hidden impulses or mental creatures that you face in your daily life or situation. By allowing yourself to peer deeply into your subconsciousness, or ocean of emotions, all things will eventually surface. When you allow yourself to see the water rise to the surface you will also find many hidden treasures.

You are urged to acknowledge the natural cycle and rhythm in your life when the Moon comes into your reading. It is this hidden insight that helps you to find the deeper meanings in your current situation. The lunar cycles affect our emotions and dreams, which both come from this inner hidden part of us. Expect a nudge from the universe, guiding you to find your internal balance.

The Moon indicates a journey towards the Higher Self. Your life is a reflection of what is within you. Observe this through the calmness of the softer light of the Moon and you will see and feel the right path for you.

You will be urged to find the middle road, the one that is highlighting your pathway, reminding you of the sacred internal and eternal flow of balance. Through this, there will be a presence of mind that bring calmness.

When you are out of balance: Overthinking may become muddled by too many unexplored emotions and external entangled thoughts. What is hidden may cause fears, make you feel scared. Don't give in to this inner fear of the unknown parts of yourself.

Medicine for the soul requires that you work on trusting your gut feeling or your instincts. When you achieve trust, you will find clarity, undiluted and fresh organic serenity. Release your psychic and intuitive abilities. Find out who you are, not what you are.

Mantra: I know who I am.