The Magician

The Magician calls on you to believe in the magic!

The Magician is a card of self-realization, power and thoughts manifest into reality. The Magician represents your inner power, the magic within you, reminding you that you are the creator of your life.

When the Magician calls, you are in the process of this creation, you remember who you are, and what you can do.

You can do anything you want, your intention is all it takes and today you know this, today you are living in the moment and it is delicious!

The Magician speaks to you today reminding you that you are a part of it all. You are an infinite being, experiencing life in this human form. You are remembering that you have this power, and life is falling into a sweet place, in fact it is the sweetest place you know right now. There is no fear, no doubt, in this moment you feel the love of the entire universe and you know you are on the path.

The path you are on is magical; you feel the synchronicity in every step you take. You are in the flow and it feels good! You are giving all of your attention to the present moment. This moment has become sacred, and your intention has shifted to keeping it sacred.

Everything you are doing right now, you do wholeheartedly, with everything you are. It is through this mindfulness that you are transforming, that you are shifting your life, molding it into the exact experience you want!

With The Magician comes ideas, thoughts, and solutions. You will see doors open that you did not even realize were there. The possibilities are limitless. You are pure potentiality! Be mindful of what you are creating and the process unfolds before your eyes. Stay present!

If your question today involves love, then the magician tells you that someone new is coming into your life, the love that you have been seeking is here! Open your heart and receive it! If you are in a relationship, you will find that your connection will deepen to a new place - it will be delicious!

If your question involves money or your career then relax, doors are opening in such a way that you will find deep fulfillment and financial sustainability! Listen to your inner voice, new ideas are coming through you guiding you where to go! Remember to follow your heart, and feed what excites you!

Spiritually speaking the Magician tells you that veils are lifting unlike ever before in this life, and you are connected to a deeper sense of oneness. Stay in communication with your angels they will help you through this process. Again, relax, go with it and trust that it is taking you to a higher place. You are opening a new chapter. You are not only expanding yourself but you are helping others as well!

Stepping into the power of the Magician you feel the power of the law of giving and receiving. The universe operates in a dynamic flow, there is no end, no beginning. Energy continuously transfers. You are continuously giving and receiving energy. The more conscious you are of it, the more expanded you become; your power grows and you become lighter.

You wield the power to create what you want!

Today's Meditation is a moving meditation. Every person you come in contact with today has something for you and you have something for them. Be mindful of this, offer to everyone you meet a gift, be it a compliment, a flower, words of encouragement, anything that feels right to you. Trust your inner guidance.

In addition, be aware, be open to receiving something from each person you come in contact with. Step into the flow and see where it takes you. Enjoy your day!