The Lovers

The Lovers card represents the union of man and woman in its most primitive state and so signifies passion, soulmates and desire. It frequently appears when the querent is in the process of deciding whether or not to choose someone as a life partner.

Traditionally this card also represents choices and this is most often the case when there are two females and one male on the card as per more historic decks. The Lovers is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini which rules communication, learning, and mental acuity and in spite of the romantic imagery of the card, the querent is also urged to be rational.

The twin brothers Castor and Pollux, who form the symbol of the Gemini sign, were so inseparable that when Castor perished in battle, Pollux begged Zeus to reunite them. In his mercy, he immortalised them as twin stars. In this way the Lovers card also represents unbreakable soul ties and bonds with another. The Lovers card is the sixth card in the Major Arcana, and the number is associated with reconciling difficult situations and balance. From this we can deduce that the Lovers encourages us to make a decision but to do so after having scrutinised our options fully as the consequences can be life-changing.

In the Rider Waite Deck a naked man and woman stand in what appears to be a scene depicting the Garden of Eden and an angelic figure hovers over them benevolently. There is a sense of divine guidance overseeing this choice to commit to a union and though arriving at a decision may be difficult, it is implied that whatever occurs is the will of heaven. The alleged depiction of the couple as Adam and Eve hints at a partnership that is in some way destined but also innocent, and that the querent is being given the chance to start their life anew alongside a partner. The colours on the Lovers card almost exclusively uses the seven hues which compose the spectrum of a rainbow. This suggests a harmonisation of disparate energies and the veiled promise of a happy ending as rainbows are associated with blessings after a period of upheaval. The snake shown on the left of the woman offers a slight caution that once the choice to commit has been made, there is no chance to renege on the agreement. As snakes are a symbol of both wisdom and treachery, the querent is being urged to assess whether they are seeing a situation or person clearly.

Aside from relationship issues and matters of partnership, the Lovers can symbolise an all consuming hobby or more bizarrely that the querent is planning a drastic image overhaul which may include plastic surgery.

In a love reading the Lovers is an excellent omen to have appear and often signifies the appearance of a soulmate or blessed relationship. It indicates a relationship replete with harmony. However if the querent is engaged in an affair, the Lovers card is not so positive; it indicates that the taken party is highly unlikely to leave their official partner. In terms of feelings the Lovers reflects that a love interest is highly interested in pursuing a romantic connection. However, their interest may be purely physical and the querent is advised to be slightly wary. Too much passion is unhealthy and can cause a lack of perspective and rational thinking.

In a work or career reading the Lovers represents being passionate about one's career and devoting every minute available to it. It signifies that for the foreseeable future the querent's life partner will be their career. It can also signify that a potential business partner will appear or that the querent will be forced to make a major decision about a career. This may involve leaving a current position for another job or deciding whether the current career path is good for the longer term.

Timing: Timing is dependent on card placement within a spread, but look to Gemini season if the Lovers appears as a standalone card.

Astrological Correspondence: Gemini, 3rd house of the astrological wheel

Element: Air

Quality: Mutable

Positive Aspects: passion, soulmates, partnership, blessed union, elective plastic surgery, improving one's appearance

Negative Aspects: making a difficult decision, love triangle, a lover who will not leave their official partner, a love interest who may only want a fun or casual relationship