The Lovers

“The more knowledge inherent in a thing, the greater the love." - Paracelsus

The Lovers card represents duality, love and contrast. It teaches us about internal strength and the eternal differences that we often face, not only in others but also within ourselves.

We are not only strong in our loved one's eyes, but we are also strong within ourselves. Do you feel worthy of love?

We are taught from the start that love does not compromise and is not meant to be without effort. Can we see within ourselves where we make mistakes? Can we ask for forgiveness or forgive the other; better yet, can you forgive yourself?

The Lovers requires us to expect fulfillment of our desires and passions from others. Do we depend on it? Do we expect this reaction from others? We are taught that when we are with someone that we be respectful of their individuality; that we not only honor the other, but we honor ourselves as well.

The Most difficult task of love is to love oneself as long as we do not do this at the cost of another.

The Lovers highlight the hidden aspects within ourselves as well as what we see in the other; a trait that I admire in another I may also admire within myself. Furthermore it can also be negative; the very same trait can be something that I hate within myself.

We face many aspects of our duality daily. When have you taken an introspective view of your own actions? We face the power of life, the creative love which can be very intense, but also destructive.

The Lovers remind us to be honest not only with each other but with ourselves, make a clear decision, commit to truth. Respect and expect to work on taking responsibility for yourself, because we add to each other rather than control one another. My happiness adds to your happiness, our mutual desire for one another requires respect and honesty not only externally, but also internally towards ourselves.

Apart from this, the Lovers determine a peaceful combination of existing contrasts, a harmony of two opposite forces, one light and one dark, generating a balance of unity of fire, spirit, water and earth.

Examine your inner balance not only with your partner but also with yourself; this is the card of equality, love and honor and the celebration of opposite forces in a harmonious way.

The Lovers requires generosity, not only in receiving but in giving from the heart, leading someone to find their higher purpose, being a leader and a guide of the spiritual path that is within.

Invite others to be part of your awareness. Celebrate balance, acknowledge diversity and the one that is part of your life path. We are all meant to be lovers for ourselves and inspire each other. Seek the answers first within; trust in your instincts, your higher Self, your dreams and what you sense,

When you are out of balance: Over-obsessive behaviour, narcissism, self-involvement, expecting the other to make you happy when happiness starts with yourself. These actions may result in attention-seeking and neediness, repression, giving up on one's self.

Medicine: Love yourself, embrace all the aspects that are you, celebrate the differences in all that you do, admire contrast, respect diversity and the feminine side to this subtle but strong force of love.

Mantra: I am love.