The High Priestess

The High Priestess, much like all the tarot cards, can mean a variety of things. It could indicate a woman kept in secret, in an infidelity situation, or any number of other secrets. For me, it talks about intuition.

Sometimes we want to know the future too much. This is not a healthy desire and dulls an individual's intuition.

When this card appears, it usually relays the information that either you already know the answer to your question deep down, OR that you don't need to know this answer yet, but should just feel things out by using your intuition.

Intuition is something everybody has, but when we are off balance, it becomes a bit difficult to hear. We let all the traffic in our brains stifle the sounds of our hearts. This inner voice comes in handy for all situations, and is there to guide you toward safety, along with the best version of yourself.

Have you thought of doing something or being with someone or going somewhere and you get a tight feeling in your chest? Do you leave from hanging out with someone and feel depleted or just plain bad? That is your gut telling you that these situations are not right for you and it is guiding you to look for, or choose, an option that feels right.

Of course there are times when we may do things we don't want to do out of loyalty to our significant others or other loved ones. There are other times where we feel like we don't want to do something and actually end up having a wonderful time.

I'm not suggesting blowing off everything that doesn't feel good to you. Oft times, while you may not feel like doing something, there is still an urgency there to do it, and that again is your gut saying, "go forth."

Sometimes, though, we confuse desperation with this intuitive urgency, like feeling we need to act in a situation when really we shouldn't. We find ourselves spiraling into feeling so scattered that we don't know which way is up, but we just have to do something!

At these moments, STEP BACK, BREATHE, AND BE STILL, until something calm and clear comes to you. When in the position of making the right decision, you should never feel on the brink of insanity.

Information from our gut isn't always what we want to hear either, like maybe deep down we know a person isn't right for us, but it's hard for us to let go. Or maybe you don't feel like going out or to an event, but you fear you may be missing out on something, so you go anyway. Perhaps you may get an interview for what you think is your dream job, but something doesn't feel right about it.

Listen to yourself, then take the next step with courage and self-respect toward what is right for you. Even if you don't know what that is yet, know that what is right will eventually present itself if you just have a little faith.

It's truly important to check in with yourself. First, ask yourself what YOU want (which is something a lot of us forget to do and just get caught up with the current, rather than going with our own flow), and second, when faced with a situation, ask, "Does it feel in alignment with who I am?"

Then, listen to your inner compass. Go forth. Be the best version of you.