The Hierophant

Also known in some decks as FAITH or THE POPE.

Spirituality and education are the mainstay of this card. When the Hierophant appears in your reading you may be considering taking a new course of study or even following a new spiritual path using either your inner wisdom or a teacher in the real world.

The Hierophant is also the card of the advisor and it may be that you need some professional advice at this time in your life.

The card suggests that you are likely to be following a conventional path, such as an organised religion which gives you a spiritual outlet or following a traditional path to education such as college or university.

In a love reading this card can indicate marriage and a relationship following a traditional path. It shows that the partners are a comfort to one another and can be the adviser or guide to each other within the relationship. A shared Faith and commitment in the eyes of the Creator.

In a work reading it shows that you will be following a conventional career path and also perhaps adding to your qualifications. Your boss may be an inspirational leader or you yourself could be inspirational to people in the work place. Others may see you as somebody they can come to for advice.

In a business reading this shows that you need the advice and guidance of professional people to assure your success, perhaps a lawyer, bank manager or business-angel. It shows that the advice you receive will be sound and non judgmental and you are advised to follow it.