The Hanged Man

You may have been feeling rather stuck lately, which has caused some frustration. Stop and reevaluate your current position; don't force things at this time.

Sacrifice may be necessary, and not all battles are worth facing. Now is the time to reserve your energy and hold your tongue, trusting that all things are working out in the best way.

What kinds of sacrifices can you make to move forward once again?

You may find that abandoning old habits that no longer serve you will ease this weight you have been feeling. This is the perfect time to shed your old self, which will allow you to take some steps towards spiritual enlightenment.

You are on the brink of a new discovery. You may soon uncover higher spiritual knowledge that will act as a game changer for you in this current situation. You may be feeling frustrated that you aren't able to move forward as quickly as you'd like, but rest assured that you are progressing in leaps and bounds on a deeper level.

Trust this process.

When we feel we are in a stagnant place, we are really being prepared for some big movement ahead. Like an archer shooting a bow and arrow, the arrow must first experience the bow draw before being shot forward to its target.

The Hanged Man asks you to turn around. Look at things differently. Look at yourself and your situation through the eyes of someone new. Remember that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Before jumping to your next decision, reevaluate and try looking at things from another point of view. There may be something you missed, or some knowledge you need to uncover through quiet patience and meditation.

Shift your attitude and perspective about your current situation and you will find yourself free to move forward.