The Empress

Additional deck interpretation:

The Empress points you towards a path of creativity, fertility, and mutual cooperation as you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth. This is the next level up on your continuous cycle of change.

You will harvest a dream that grows into something beautiful because your heart and head will agree with each other. This dream relates to a professional or personal partnership and the offspring created from this union.

The Empress brings you into the journey of fertility and motherhood, but also indicates creative talents that will grow into something wonderful. This journey is also related to a time when you will join with other people to harvest a dream and fulfill your potential. You will find much happiness by giving, sharing and cooperating with others.

The Empress is the "Goddess of Fertility" and associated with unconditional love, motherhood, and artistic abilities. She is the mother, protector, nurturer, lover, muse and great friend.

Her natural talents will help her give birth to an artistic dream that will turn into something wonderful!

The Empress asks you to use her nurturing and creative abilities to help you on your passage of unconditional love, passion, romance, motherhood, and aesthetic expression.

Look beyond the surface and you will fulfill your potential. A dream will be harvested and you will find true happiness!

The Numerical Number 3: The Empress is enumerated three. Her path is associated with harvesting a dream and giving birth to life. This dream is related to any type of partnership and the offspring that results from the partnership.

The Element of Air: The Empress is associated with the planet Venus (love, balancing relationships, creativity and artistic abilities)!

Venus is social, harmonious, feminine, sensitive and artistic. As the planet of love, Venus is joyful, receptive, playful, naturally desirous of giving and receiving, and signifies love and pleasure shared in relationships.

Probable Outcome: You might have a strong relationship with your mother. You may decide to start a relationship, accept a marriage proposal, start a family, or engage in a business partnership.

You may begin a new creative work.

Perhaps you may find something that you had left behind and forgot about, a discovery which will enable you to get back in touch with your dreams and that which makes you happy!

Possible Outcome: You might have a difficult relationship with your mother, or another female might be dominating you or suffocating you.

Maybe your current relationship took a turn for the worse or ended.

It's also possible that you are dealing with a fertility problem or menopause.

You might not be ready to accept the Empress's energies because your heart and head do not agree with each other. If this is the case, you are overly cautious and are not ready to accept a marriage proposal, begin a family, or work on a new dream. You might even be engaging in a clandestine affair.

Timing: The Empress predicts an important event may occur within the next 30 days.