The Empress

The Empress and the High Priestess are two halves of the whole female archetype of the Major Arcana.

The Empress represents feminine power, motherhood, love, fertility, nurturing and abundance. She reminds us to embrace our feminine side, as well as embrace the flowing abundance all around. She recognizes the many forms of abundance in her life. The more she has to be thankful for, the more she finds. She is a sign of coming abundance, often in more than one aspect of life.

From the Empress comes all of the pleasures, luxuries and joys that life can bring. She encourages you to breathe slowly, and breathe in all the beauty that surrounds you. Take a moment to recognize the beauty and luxury around you. Surround yourself in the things that you love.

This card also encourages us to spend more time in Nature letting Mother Nature nurture us with some soul medicine. Meditate, and ground yourself in nature, listen to the birds sing and to what the trees have to tell you.

The Empress encourages you to let your bare feet touch the Earth and the wind play with your hair. Stay grounded and clear, with your feet firmly planted on the Earth. She is sometimes thought of as Mother Earth, the Feminine Principle, and the goddess of Fertility. She is ruled by love and the Planet Venus, presiding over creativity, fertility, art, beauty, and grace. A wonderful way to honor the Empress within us all is to be creative and express yourself.

This card is also a sign of a coming birth. This could represent the birth of an idea, or even the birth of a child. It's an omen that you will soon begin nurturing something or someone that you've been dreaming of for quite some time.

This is is a deep nurturing card, reminding us to nurture others and ourselves, that gentle love and care is a necessity of life much like food and water. The physical body and the spiritual self both need nourishment.

When The Empress comes to you in a reading, make sure you are taking the time to give to yourself. Be open to both giving and receiving love.

Divine feminine energy is needed in both men and women. It's time to embrace and recognize beauty, creativity, intuition and imagination in your life. The Empress calls you to reconnect with that energy. Create and nurture beauty in life. Nurture yourselves and others. Listen to your inner voice and nurture that.

Be balanced between your feminine and masculine energies. Both are needed to live a full and happy life.