The Emperor

Additional deck interpretation:

The Emperor points you towards a path of self-control, self-realization, confidence and respectability as you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth. This is a groundwork-building level on your continuous cycle of change.

You will become the commander and chief of your lifestyle. You will recognize your own power, become the master of your destiny and decide to create a long-lasting foundation.

The Emperor symbolizes power and ambition and is the father and builder of solid and secure structures. He assumes command of his life, environment, body, temperament, instincts and affairs of the heart. He is confident and in control of all the aspects of his life. He never dances to someone else's tune and is not afraid to trample his would-be-enemies under foot.

The Emperor brings order to chaos and commands respect. He makes sound decisions, follows through with his dreams and depends on his instincts and ambitions - the trusty tools that ensure his success.

His character speaks of establishing a strong, stable foundation for life and of forging plans that will convert his thoughts and ideas into reality. He is the respected teacher for the next generation, who view him as the father and benefactor, builder of the home, husband, lover, muse and strong career man.

Numerical Number 4: The Emperor is enumerated four. His path is associated with creating his temple and building a strong foundation that has the sturdy roots of the oak tree.

The Element of Fire: The Emperor is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries (the courageous pioneer) and Aries is ruled by the planet Mars (energy and passion that drives him into new discoveries).

Probable Outcome: You are confident and in control of your life. You offer sound advice to others and maintain secure relationships (personal and business) with strong foundations.

You may have a strong bond with your father. You might begin a relationship, or offer a marriage proposal, or decide to start a family. You may even be considering a new business partnership.

Possible Outcome: You might not be able to currently channel the Emperor's energies into your lifestyle.

If this is the case, you are overly cautious because you are not ready to accept the responsibility of any kind of relationship. You feel the need to protect yourself by controlling everything around you and isolating yourself.

Then again, perhaps you experienced a turn for the worse with a current relationship or the relationship ended.

Timing: The Emperor predicts an important event may occur within the next 30 days.