The Emperor

The Emperor represents order, power and the active force of creation. He enforces rules, regulation, structure and balance. He is the compliment to the Empress and brings direction and order to help balance the free-flowing spirit of creation.

This card can indicate that you need to introduce order and structure into your life. There is a need for organization, and now is the time to start. It's time to stop dreaming, and start doing!

The Emperor is a great omen that you are on the right track to accomplishing your goals! In order to reach your desires, you may have to apply some self-discipline and follow a routine.

It's time for you to set realistic and reasonable boundaries and rules for yourself. Follow that regimen or routine you've been intending. Make lists and goals and define what it is that you are doing and what you want to accomplish.

You are being reminded you that you need to start being direct with your feelings and wants. Say what you mean and be straight to the point! Beating around the bush won't get you anywhere. Be very direct with your needs at this time.

Control is a major theme with The Emperor. How much control do you feel you have over your situation? How much can you control at this time?

Perhaps it's time to gather some confidence and regain the control and power over your life! The first step to gaining control over your life is to first gain authority over yourself. Govern your thoughts, be in power of your body, your emotions and your instincts. Soon you will gain control over your environment and situation.

The Emperor gives you permission to take your throne back, so to speak. Step into your power. Be bold and brave and in command of your own life.