The Emperor

The Emperor is the ultimate representation of Divine Masculine energy. Just like his Divine Feminine counterpart (the Empress), the Emperor's energy plays a vital role in the manifestation process.

While the Empress is all about creating and nurturing ideas, the Emperor is about structure and taking action. The Divine Feminine (the Empress) brings the vision down from the Heavens while the Divine Masculine (the Emperor) grounds that vision into the Earthly realm.

These two powerful forces of nature exist within everyone. We all have the ability to tap into these superpowers as needed. The key to becoming a balanced human being is learning how to find a balance between the two, to honor both our feminine AND masculine sides.

To master this balancing act means living a life fully aligned with our full spiritual capabilities.

General Readings

When you receive the Emperor in a general reading, it's a call to tap into your inner strength and ability to make things happen. You're being advised to get organized, create a strategic plan, and execute it no matter what. Now is the time to take action and make life work FOR you instead of against you. Get focused and take the initiative when it comes to manifesting your dreams.


If you receive the Emperor in a love reading, it means that now is a time to approach your relationships from a more logical point of view. Take your emotions out of it for a moment, and look at things through a common sense lens. In a love reading, the Emperor can also represent a person who is emotionally unavailable and/or finds it hard to communicate their feelings.


If you receive the Emperor in a career reading, you're being called to be more disciplined and efficient when it comes to your work. Structure and organization will increase your chances for success. Your efforts will pay off handsomely in the future by putting in the hard work and focus now.

Negative Aspects

When the Emperor shows up in your reading with negative aspects, it's usually a sign that you aren't acting as responsibly as you could be. On the other hand, it could also mean that you are being too rigid or stubborn. Either way, this is a sign that your approach needs to change a bit. Depending on your unique situation, it's either time to relinquish control or to exert more control.