The Chariot

The Chariot is a card of victory - over self, over struggle and in finding what you are looking for!

It is also a reminder that there must be balance within, that there are two forces within you, the masculine and the feminine. The Charioteer has found the place where they both coexist. She has also found the balance between the spiritual world and the physical world. The war is over and peace rings out, filling you with a sense of bliss, joy, and ease.

This card represents many levels for you. It represents an internal struggle with fear and love and brings to you a hard fought win over fear, allowing you to exist inside the love, letting you remember there is really only love.

As the seventh card, the Chariot represents completion in one sense, the sense of the path you walk to remember who you truly are: an infinite Being. However, this card also represents the beginning, a new era of conscientiousness, where you act inside of love, restored to your truest Self. You are entering into this space, and your world is shifting. You are remembering how to move through time and space in order to actualize the experiences you choose to come here for. Your world is evolving and the Chariot has led you here.

This is a card of strength and unbounded energy! Utilize them both and remember that you are a part of the whole, that you are only moving in the direction of your greatest good. Follow what feels light inside of you, follow your heart. Rise above the fear and know there is nothing to be afraid of. You are an infinite Being, here for joy and bliss. You live in abundance! Remember?!

You have been asking for a sign. Well, here it is: Love! This is your opportunity for a total transformation in your perspective. You CAN have it all; you DESERVE to have it all. This is the time to achieve greatness. Let your strength and determination prevail, allow it to rise up and guide you.

Help those around you to remember they are infinite too. Spread not only your love but your light as well. This is a time to have confidence in yourself, in your path, and in in the assurance of success. Since the possibilities are endless, expect the miracles to unfold! And most importantly know you deserve them! Ride the Chariot into your dreams fulfilled!

Questions to ask yourself today: Are you allowing fear to stand in your way? Are you out of balance or lacking in the self-control necessary right now?

Find within yourself all the answers and guidance you seek. You need not look anywhere else. And trust that when the Chariot shows up, you are on path and the path is taking you to a place where all your dreams and more come true. Follow the guidance of your heart. If you feel light then it is right for you; if it feels heavy within you, find another way. And remember to keep asking, "What else is possible?" Ask and you shall receive!

As always we get what we get for a reason. This card offers inspiration and release of all your fears. Remember fear is simply:

False Evidence Appearing Real.

Follow the love. That is the good stuff!

Today's Meditation:

Step into your sweet, sacred space, set a timer for 10-20 minutes, relax, and invite stillness. Bring your awareness into your breath and the vibration of your heart, quiet your mind. Silently to yourself or out loud repeat the mantra: "I believe in the power of love; I choose love."

When your timer goes off, release your mantra and be with the stillness for as long as you can. Enjoy the power of love!