The Chariot

The Chariot oft-times comes up in readings for me to signal that someone is not ready for a committed relationship.

However, in the world where your goals are concerned, this card talks about putting your nose to the grindstone.

Keep forging ahead in order to get what you want.

Let's talk about how you might effectively do that.

We all have doubts, we all have distraction to make us feel scattered. This card tells you to put all of those doubts aside, turn off all the social media, and maintain the focus so that you can succeed in your goals.

Of course, do not burn yourself out, because nobody does their best work under those circumstances, but learn how to work smart. Surround yourself with reminders that inspire you to get the job done.

If you are feeling a little burnt out, and unsure how you'll finish all the details, self-help genius Tony Robbins has a reminder that if you focus on the end goal, you will be able to get through the little steps you might get caught up in.

Again, work smart, work inspired.

Regarding relationships, sometimes we think we are prepared to enter into something when we aren't. Maybe we are not ready because we just got out of another relationship and still need time to heal. Maybe it's because right now we need to be focusing more on our career goals. Regardless, it's good practice to step back and have enough respect for yourself to ask, "am I actually ready?"

If the answer is “no," that's okay and you should listen to yourself. You do not have to make things work when you don't feel ready. You don't have to believe that just because someone is in front of your face that you will lose out on love if you step back to honor yourself.

You are strong enough to deal with putting the effort you need into becoming your most optimal self before entering a relationship. It also doesn't mean anything is wrong with you if you aren't ready; it just means that there needs to be some work done here to make yourself feel whole again.

There is nothing more beautiful than discovering your whole true self on your own, which ultimately serves a truly healthy relationship.

So honor yourself and take that time if this is the case. If it's the case for your object of desire, allow them to do the same without taking things personally. While the truth of that situation stings, the long-term benefits far outweigh the temporary defeat.