The Chariot

“If the charioteer is able to behold the Forms, he gets to go on another revolution around the heavens." - Plato (excerpt from Phaedrus' Chariot Allegory)

Unlike the Lovers card, the Chariot brings forth the awareness of a duality reigned in or balanced; this powerful card suggests that you are able to control your mental and spiritual spectrum.

If you guide the two energies in a non-destructive manner, using the positive aspects of both powers, together they form your soul and your ego.

Thus the Chariot indicates that we are moving away from being controlled by our urges and becoming more formed by a higher awareness. You are awake in all of your potential, able to operate in a freer state with your experiences, to have a more conscious, flexible and open correspondence with the higher function of the higher self.

Do well without compromising yourself and the other; always have the highest state in the heart as opposed to the mind. We are meant to connect our minds and our primal functions to our heart, uniting these powers for a more harmonious level of existence.

On this path that we are on, we are also reminded that what we might not be able to understand today, we will find in our internal awareness once we have gone through the experience. The quicker we are in the process of finding balance, the quicker any type of disruptive issues will resolve, at times by themselves, as long as we strive to be fully whole in our awareness, totally conscious of love and are being absolutely selfless, doing the same good to another that we would want to have done to ourselves.

Accept yourself and your neighbor as you would yourself, because just like the two forces being reigned in and under a greater balance, so are we mirrors to each other.

The Chariot urges you to combine your powers, your strengths, with your perceived weaknesses, as these are often perceived as such only because of your self-esteem and how you feel about yourself. What you may see as a weakness is not in reality such, but a hidden talent or a special ability in the making.

Move forward.

We are reminded about our will to succeed, the ability to use the powers of our human life and maintain outer and inner balance. These inner and outer worlds are often so different from each other. It is important that we realize that our journey is always towards ourselves, from the outer towards the inner through the heart.

We often seek our destiny in other people. Doing so is an outer perception or false created reality. The very reality that we strive to acquire within ourselves cannot be found in another, but in who we are. We are constantly being reminded to look within and to know the truth of love all the time.

The Chariot represents your willpower as well a strong personality, and at its best, victory and success. It is also a symbol for power gained in a controversial manner. At times it was a difficult way that it happened; through some emotional or traumatic event you gained an awareness or a new understanding of the situation in which you found yourself.

Yes, in moments of contradictions that might not have resolved the way you expected it to, even in these obscure situations. In this, the triumph was to see what your hidden strengths were.

Additionally, the Chariot is a symbol for the armor we build around us, our shield of protection, but it can also be the mask for our ego. If we do not learn to acknowledge this, we may project ourselves into a situation where we feel wounded and we can get confused with who we are vs who we think we should be. We are often caught between two ideals or choices, the worldly and the divine. Each one has its own rules and outcomes.

It is at this crossroad where things matter the most. It is in this process that we decide within ourselves how to reconcile our perceived outer reality with our inner reality, when we realize that what we feel about ourselves in our inner reality always reflects outwardly into our outer reality.

By shifting our perceptions and how we feel about ourselves, we can shift one reality into better focus. Doing this brings one reality into a physical manifestation; this is called mind over matter.

When you are out of balance: You may be feeling emotional, overestimated and recklessness, due to not being in an internal balance with yourself.

Medicine: Check carefully whether the desired goal is compatible with your feelings. Does it feel right or does it feel wrong? You need to learn to work on the internal knowledge of the true Self. You must have the courage to love yourself and to acknowledge the feelings of care and nurturing for others and in turn for yourself. These feelings will allow an easier way to feel more balanced.

Mantra: I am balanced in my heart.