“For Pleasure, delight, peace and felicity, live in method and temperance." - Margaret Cavendish

Temperance represents healing and the seeking of an internal balance and projecting this into your personal reality or the external existence. Work on being calm, and to use discernment.

The sense of balance is called in to establish peace in all areas of your life. This is a card of balance, of moderation and of pausing for thought before you act. Temperance is a great healer of mind, body and spirit.

Temperance suggests a spiritual transformation through what seemed to be chaos, when everything that you once thought you knew has suddenly changed to what you did not expect, but in this expectation you have a new revelation, one with more clarity.

Furthermore, this new revelation represents a massive breakthrough into a fresh consciousness.

The Storms of life are usually the darkest, most muddled times. But it is after the storm has subsided that you will notice a thin sliver of light coming in from this chaos. Out of your chaos a newer order is revealed, the AHA moment!

Temperance reveals emotional internal patterns or situations that may feel out of place, but are set out to work and function in a particular Higher Conscious Order. From these patterns you know that there is a Higher Force at work here, but you need to have a great deal of patience and temperance to sort through everything.

You must expect a higher sense of order to come into your apparent chaos. This is part of the journey that we are all on, to know that things will always fall into place. It takes time to adopt this type of expectation because we have to change the way we look at everything. Do we look at life with the expected failure in mind or are we excited and ready for positive changes? Stay in tune to change, expectation of guidance, and sparks or flashes of new patterns, sort of like synchronicity. This is how we get more into the sacred balance with ourselves and the higher order.

Focus on the opposites or polarities of your inner world, what feels right as opposed to what feels wrong in the circumstances that you are in. Take more time to examine yourself, your actions and the repercussions. Polarities are polar opposites: these are yes and no, male and female, dark and light, kind and cruel, happy or sad. It is important that you acknowledge both sides of this coin of the soul.

These polarities are needed to create something. This mixing up of polar opposites that we feel are chaotic and makes us feel as if life has spun out of control. It is from this apparent chaos that order or life will come.

When you are out of balance: You may feel as if the world is out of your control. You feel torn apart by what you desire verses what is important. You vacillate between extreme states of mind and heart.

Medicine: Temperance teaches us to recognize the chaotic or warring of polarities within ourselves, so that we can learn more about ourselves. Know what the difference is between love and hate, what you hate verses what you love, and to look for the more subtle emotions, such as like or dislike.

The more you get to know about these aspects in your life, the more you will learn about who you are, and in this you will be able to find your order that you seek out of the chaos of opposition in your life.

Mantra: I create Order out of Chaos.