This card is centered on character and the ability to rise above emotions and desires.

Once we learn how to control the emotions we then have to learn to rise above them and apply something more.

The 'Strength' is emotional and about character more than physical strength.

The Strength card represents an extension of the self and the lesson we learned from the Chariot. We must now use fortitude and patience to receive the desired outcome that is just beyond the horizon. There is still work to be done and now that we have learned to control the emotions, we must apply that power of wisdom with a touch of patience. That is true strength and it comes from inside.

Do you have the strength within to control your emotions and tame your human desire? This will require both determination and great courage. The power is within the soul and this can be a long process.

Strength is already inside the querant and they are going on a spiritual journey if the will allows.