Strength is the card of the gentle warrior. It represents a kind, compassionate and loving, yet fiercely strong and unwavering, approach to life.

Now is the time to channel your inner strength. You're being called to stand strong, brave, and confident - especially in the face of adversity. However, it's equally important to balance that strength with gentleness and compassion.

Whatever situation you're moving through needs you to remain true to your convictions, while still having compassion for others around you.

General Readings

When you receive Strength in a general reading, it's assuring you that no matter what your current circumstances, you WILL make it through - as long as you stay strong. Stand your ground and keep speaking your truth, regardless of who or what is challenging you now. But remember to still practice compassion for those who may not agree with you.


When you receive Strength in a love reading, it's typically a sign that the person or relationship in question has very solid energy. There's a lot of kindness, compassion, and gentleness surrounding this situation. This card can also be a call to practice more of these qualities when it comes to your relationships. Doing so will lead to a deeper bond.


When you receive Strength in a career reading, it's time to stand strong in your vision for the future. Stay committed to your goals and don't give up, even if you face challenges along the way. Find a healthy balance between your passion and compassion to achieve the best results. Your attitude and approach to this situation are the keys to your career success.

Negative Aspects

When Strength shows up in a reading with negative aspects, it means that you've been struggling with issues surrounding self-confidence. You've been questioning your ability to persevere through a challenging situation. Now is the time to face your fears and trust in your ability to make it through this bump in the road.

Channel your inner warrior and keep moving forward!