The Justice card represents legal issues, correct judgement, fairness, and difficult decisions being taken in order to restore equilibrium. When this card appears, be on the lookout for impending court cases, people being made accountable, and wrongs being put right.

Justice insists that the full naked truth be revealed, and this card does not tiptoe around anyone's feelings. What the querent perceives as "right" may be an entirely different thing to what Justice deems to be correct and it should be noted that Justice has the tendency to be discriminating rather than pleasant.

Provided that the querent's behaviour is impeccable, this is a welcome card as it predicts that those who are worthy will be vindicated. The Justice card is numbered 11 in the Major Arcana which is a master number and this implies that whatever is decided is the will of the universe and in some way fated. In astrology, the Justice card is associated with the planet Venus and the sign of Libra which is symbolised by a set of scales. From this we can intuit that a fair decision will be made but that it will be done so with care, and with reference to what is in the best interests of all.

In the Rider Waite deck a figure is seated between two pillars, symbolising balance, and holding both a sword and a set of scales. The sword signifies that difficult and perhaps painful decisions will be made and the scales represent that whatever is decided will be done so in an attempt to restore balance and harmony to a situation. The figure shown in the Justice card appears to wear a stoic and unemotive expression which indicates that they are not liable to be swayed by emotional pleas or sentimental considerations in the pursuit of truth. The upright position of the sword, leaning neither to the left or the right, indicates impartiality. With the Justice card there is a prevailing message that everyone will get their due. The querent or another individual may be held accountable for their past misdeeds, or may be given an opportunity to correct their wrongdoings in order to prevent further issues. In a negative position, this card represents immoral behaviour, illegality, and hypocritical behaviour.

In a love reading Justice indicates that the querent may marry or become romantically involved with someone in the legal field. It is also a card of "getting what one deserves" which is a welcome omen if the querent has been waiting some time for a partner to treat them fairly and with respect. It can also symbolise the end of a relationship, particularly if a partner has not been behaving properly.

The Justice card, however, is not a card of emotions and in some cases can imply that you will marry a partner for rational rather than emotional reasons. While it is always prudent not to marry solely for the sake of love, Justice implies an overly calculating and tactical mindset which may not bring emotional happiness in the future. In terms of feelings, Justice is a neutral card to have appear in a reading; it symbolises that a person of interest does not have particularly strong or passionate feelings but that they consider the querent an "ok" choice. With respect to reconciliations, the Justice card is a negative portent as it indicates that the querent deserves better than what their former partner can offer them.

In a work or career reading the Justice card symbolises that new contracts and connections will be made. Justice is a positive omen for those in the legal, writing, and property professions as it predicts partnerships. It can also indicate that a business is looking to make decisions about who should stay and who ought to go. Since this card's theme is "getting one's just deserts", provided the querent has done everything correctly, the tide will turn in their favour. Justice serves as a warning to keep documents and obligations under control and to not let bills or other responsibilities escape one's notice.

Timing: Timing is dependent on card placement within a spread but Libra season may be applicable.

Major Arcana: Card 11

Astrological Influence: Libra, 7th house of astrological wheel governing legalities, contracts and partnerships

Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

Positive Aspect: justice being served, contracts, commitments

Negative Aspects: illegality, immoral behaviour, hypocrisy, being subject to scrutiny, marriage of practicality rather than passion