Additional deck interpretation:

Judgement points you towards a path of reevaluation, forgiveness, and redemption, as you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth. This is the level of release, growth and transformation on your continuous cycle of change.

It is time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh, to forgive yourself or anyone who ever hurt you and let go of all the negative emotions that surround you and are preventing your growth.

The Judgement card is all about forgiveness, the divine message of the Tarot. Forgiving someone can be very difficult, but you need to realize that forgiveness has great healing powers.

When you hold onto a grudge for another person, you are feeding yourself poison because you cannot release what happened to you. You poison your life, not theirs, and keep reliving an experience you would rather forget.

In contrast, when you forgive someone, you release the poison you are holding onto and escape the coffin or tomb. You choose to feel good rather than feel imprisoned in the past with bad memories.

Judgement is also associated with a spiritual awakening, the time when you are looking back at all the decisions you have made and where you are at today and understand that if you had not made changes in the past, you would not have grown and be where you are at today.

It's also possible that this awakening brings you into the time of reevaluating your lifestyle and looking deeply at the changes you could make that will bring happiness.

Numerical Number 20: This number is related to a learning experience. When you are desperate to be secure, you might make bad choices and later experience heartache and loss. Sometimes you lose your personality when overpowered by a stronger personality, wind up in the wrong relationship and experience a separation in order to heal your spirit to find yourself again.

Judgement's 20 consists of: 2 (making a big decision) + 0 (the beginning point of your journey when you are ready to experience something new and release all limitations because you trust in a higher power) = 2 (making a final choice regarding the direction you want to take with a relationship).

The Element of Water: Judgement is associated with the planet Pluto (the planet of power, transformation, forgiveness, rebirth, reconciliation, redemption, release and renewal).

Probable Outcome: You understand how to forgive others, but more importantly, you understand how to forgive yourself for your mistakes. When you forgive yourself, you are ready to accept change and start living in the present again.

You regain clarity and focus, attaining a position from which you will clear the air, break the silence, bring everything into the open to understand the truth with forgiveness.

You might be experiencing a spiritual awakening and looking back at all the decisions you have made, and where you are at today, or reevaluating your lifestyle and looking deeply at the changes you could make that will bring happiness.

These changes could relate to starting over because you are healed and not stuck in a tomb with skeletons from the past. You might decide to start counseling to save your relationship, or forgive your partner for hurting you, or forgive yourself for hurting your partner, or you might decide to start a new relationship because you have met someone new and want to end your existing relationship.

Possible Outcome: You might be experiencing self-doubt, indecision, holding back and staying in a rut. Instead of accepting a new rebirth, you are still clinging to your old lifestyle, resisting change.

It's possible that your partner cheated on you, or asked you for a separation or divorce, or you are the one that cheated and messed up the relationship and your partner will not take you back, or you are stuck in guilt because you hurt someone.

Then again, you might not be able to channel Judgement's energies into your lifestyle. If this is the case, then your refusal to forgive causes you to live with the ghosts of the past.

Your development to live in the future is delayed until you are ready to let go of who hurt you and move away from the sickening nostalgia of the past.

It's possible that you are not ready to wipe the slate clean and start over and need professional help.

Timing: Judgement predicts that an important event may occur within the next 30 days