It's a rumor.

You are not judged by the Heavens. You are only helped!

Let me share a personal story to illuminate this for you. One time I was tired of not knowing how I was really doing with my earth mission.

I asked my guides and angels to give me the report card now. Why wait till I cross over in, potentially, who knows how many decades!

I was escorted up to the light where I was bathed in love. I was shown that my earth mission, to open doors of love, was self-chosen. Though osmosis, the answer permeated into my every cell. I am fully loved by the Heavens forever more. No judgement. All my judgements are self-imposed!

In the older paradigms, Judgement means your worth and your way is evaluated. In the Lemurian, ancient, and new downloading paradigms, Judgement is waiting to be released from our consciousness.

Choose your actions of love and balance for the sake of love in balance instead of the feedback of an outside party. With this practice, you find deep fulfillment as you generate good into others naturally.

There is no third-party report card when you cross over. There is only love.

What you intend creates what you are. The intentions of your work-play incarnation designs what tools you have access too.

Create your reality out of what you value most and all is well!

Are you wondering if you are on track? If you are becoming what you seek you are on track. If not, you are not condemned. You are held in loving guidance from above, which helps you find your way back when you listen.

This card helps you to bathe in what you seek by finding it within, and simultaneously practicing it in real life participation.

When you have veered off course, you do not stand up for your own values. Perhaps you are demonstrating your values in superficial ways but not fully operating out of the energetic intention of these values.

The Judgement card reminds us that our main judge is ourselves. Others can only judge us out of their own inadequacy. The light, the angels, and the guides love you back home. They are not ones to evaluate your worth. You are inherently worthy as they already know.


Am I evaluating myself instead of asking myself what most fulfills my soul purpose?

Am I assuming something outside of myself can grade my worth? Can I let this go?


Find the place in your heart that knows you're fine as is. Focus on this in silence.