Many western cultures train us to associate death with tragedy.

In the perspectives of the animals, birth and death are natural cycles with nothing good or bad attached. There is more acceptance of these cycles in eastern countries too.

The Death card is a positive omen. Death is the ending that leads to the next beginning. If we believe in reincarnation, or life on the other side, we understand that physical death comes prior to a new birth.

We know that anything we lose is later replaced with a new experience. Anyone we lose remains in our heart, though in a different way.

The Death card alerts us that a cycle is coming to an end. We can anticipate being refreshed and renewed. This might take place with grief included. This might involve numerous emotions. The emotions can be very favorable as well as non-preferred. A combination of many feelings is common with an impending death experience of self or beloved other.

Death can refer to the ending of a relationship, a job, a circumstance, a home, an emotional habit, an addiction, a view point or anything else. Death means end. End inevitably leads to a new beginning.

Picking this card invites us to look at how we are approaching ending. Are you giving thanks for everything that you received from what will now come to a close? Are you appreciating life for insisting that you grow or expand? Are you allowing yourself to feel the bliss and joy that often accompanies sorrow and devastation?

We might feel politically incorrect or thoughtless for having happy feelings along with the sad ones when a death is imminent. In truth, these elated feelings are as normal and natural as the upsetting ones.

Are you surrendering to the inevitability of death? Are you letting life's love hold you at this time? Are you allowing all emotions to come and go like the weather without judging yourself? Approaching death in this way will bring you into peace.

If you are resistant to the energies of the Death card, you are resisting an impending ending. This can mean one of two things. You may be denying what is happening. In this case tender love of yourself and a kind embrace of your concerns and feelings is good for you. Or, perhaps you are genuinely co-creating a miracle with life. In this second case, death is being turned around! Examples of this are a healing or a life change.

Death is neither bad or good. It just is. Death is a natural passage with everything that happens in your life. Birth and death are the constant realities of incarnate life.


What is ending in your world?

Can I sit lovingly in every preferred and non-preferred feeling this brings up in me?


Sit with all the feelings you are having in this complex period. Sit with love.