“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn." - Mahatma Gandhi

Death is often feared in many ways, but daunting as it appears to be, we have to connect with all the energies that are displayed on this card. I would like to help you look at this scary card in a new light, with a positive and objective mind and heart.

The Death card is a great motivation for massive changes and restorations in life.

Life cannot function if there is not some kind of release or “death" of an old idea or situation. With every new situation that we go through, we will encounter the release or letting go of the previous situation. In this way we learn to observe that there is death in every cycle or event of life.

To accommodate change, we have to be adept and accept change in our daily lives. We have to be in a particular movement within ourselves to keep up with the changes around us - but firstly within ourselves.

The movements of life are about developing a sense of quality in a spiritual manner, working toward our goals, attempting to fulfill our dreams and deepening our spiritual understanding.

When Death comes up, the first question we need to ask ourselves is, "What is it that needs to be changed or completed?" Then we should ask: "What situations have been lingering in our lives, that have reached a sell-by date? What do we need to clear out in our lives to celebrate new energy?"

Imagine that your life is like a garden. If you have not looked after it, it would be obvious that you would not be able to expect fruits to grow or vegetables to flourish. Look after yourself, your mind body and soul. Tend the internal garden of thoughts, feed the right wolf.

This garden suggests that the Death card requires us to spend a bit of dedicated time cutting away the undergrowth and weeding out the old emotional debris so that our lives are clear and open, ready for fresh planting.

The Death card forces us to think, if we allow it to. Take time out and do an emotional stock-taking of your thoughts.

Our thoughts and actions contribute to how we feel about ourselves and ultimately affect our external environment, our deepest emotional urges, our wildest dreams. Our highest ideals require a great deal of thinking and feeling. If we literally shut down these creative thoughts, we stagnate, never feeling inspired, never taking responsibility for our habits and never assessing what is useful.

When you are out of balance: You have feelings of dissatisfaction, are unhappy with the world and yourself and have a "don't care" attitude.

Medicine: Re-evaluate the general patterns of your daily existence. Question life. Feeling dissatisfied with your life is a good indication of a much needed change. Prepare for internal change.

Mantra: I welcome change into my life. I embrace life.