Three of Cups

The Three of Cups honors the joy and value of group efforts.

Because you have joined or will soon join with others in a personal or professional endeavor or joy, great wealth of heart and soul is yours. You shall prosper from one another's strengths, be nourished by one another's company.

Take constant time to be grateful for one another's gifts. Give compassion when another struggles. Hold the best outcomes for each other in your heart.

Look always at one another's virtues. Have patience and compassion when anyone has a human blind spot. Love each other tenderly.

Note that special friends can be animals as well as people. Give immense thanks for your furry, sea born, and feathered friends.

When a group gathers it is a great time to ask the Universe to bless and actualize intentions. Be one another's witnesses and carriers of good. See only good occurring when you think of each other. Dream each other's best into reality!

Is your heart enriched by cooperation and co-participation? Company is a wonderful gift of life. If it is here, celebrate. If it is not, it shall come soon. Let life know your wishes for the kind of people you wish to be close to. Make a list of their wonderful traits.

Make a list of wonderful traits you will offer to them. Be humble to work on any non-preferred traits you would like to change in yourself. Forgive yourself. Ask life for help. Practice with little changes, one by one.

Understand that being human always contains the experience of having strengths and weaknesses. This is why need the fortitude and compassion of others. Be a wonderful friend to yourself, speaking to yourself with thoughts of kindness and care.

If you have rejected the energy of this card, you are denying yourself the gift of wonderful friendships available. Are past disappointments, betrayals, and heartaches disrupting you from accepting your good now?

Get to work healing that so you can have the best in life! No need to miss out on joyous sharing now because of past upsets. Take time to heal so you can move forward.

The Three of Cups celebrates the exquisite joy of friendship. Support each other well. Listen carefully to one another's needs, tender spots, and desires. Acknowledge one another's sharing and perspective with respect and honor.


What do you most appreciate about special people and animals in your life?


Meditate on sharing love.