Three of Cups

"Remember the most valuable antiques are dear old friends" - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Element of water power: The Three of Cups represents rejoicing and expression of joy three times, forming a holy trinity, a cup for each vestige of the spirit, one for the mind, one for the body and one for the soul. The love represented here is rare and available to be shared and expressed as a gift of gratitude and respect.

The Three of Cups represents success and positive outcome. This is where you know you are able to make the right choice and that you will be given support from the higher powers of the universe. This card is about rare and eternal love - the kind that makes no demands, places no expectations, and imposes no conditions. The love flows from the Mother of the Universe to you. The name by which you call it may be different, but the source remains the same.

This eternal spring flowing towards you is a force that is always available if you give it the opportunity to flow and seek you out. You have to key into this flowing energy, allow it to reshape your life by allowing trust. Trust strengthens your resolve and nurtures through even the most demanding periods in your life. It brings serenity, exhilaration, passion and contentment into life by its simple presence.

The Three of Cups also suggests that If you’re having problems in your relationships (romantic or otherwise) then these troubles will soon pass. You are being guided to go through the waves of drama in your life that will soon be over. You are being guided to key into the right cycle of your life, to fully embrace the part of your life that you have not been able to understand and that, in this moment, you will be safe to explore important life lessons.

You can now learn to increase self-awareness, if you allow yourself to access the deeper parts of who you are. You are being guided through the process of pattern recognition, identifying and clearing out old past pains and traumas and to replace them with healing present vectors of peace and love.

The Three of Cups helps you to find confidence and to be able to interpret all messages that come to you from within your heart and from outside in your immediate environment. You will gain a chance to learn what it is to live in peace and harmony by acknowledging feelings and the deeper sense of belonging. Gain a sense of peace and alignment with the universe, recognize that you are part of this universe and it is a part of you. What you are seeking at times, you literally have to find within yourself.

If you have been feeling love for others in your life but you have not expressed it, then do so now. This card reminds you to balance and to ask yourself these questions, "Do I care for them with respect? Do I have something special and valuable to share?"

Acknowledge everyone in your life who contributes to your happiness and you will feel this expression reflect back to you.

At times of Imbalance: The Three of Cups can indicate that you may have overlooked anything that may be negative, you may not feel like addressing bad behavior or you may overindulge to such a level that you lose presence of the Self. You may also associate with the wrong people because you feel overwhelmed with being overly expressive.

Medicine: So here's a little exercise to open yourself out and let the love flow in. This works at any time at all, whenever you try it. And remember this always - the most important time to try this exercise is when you feel lost, wounded, sad and alone.

Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Give your shoulders a roll around to rid them of tension and open out your chest area. Now steady your breathing - make it easy and calm. This will encourage you to relax just a little more.

When your body feels as comfortable as you can get it to, concentrate your attention on the area right in the middle of your chest. Breathe in, keeping your attention on that center spot. Then as you breathe out, imagine that you see a flower opening its petals, right there, in that spot.

Meditation: Today life gives me everything I need to be happy.