Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups is a card that speaks of the height of emotional happiness; your problems are over and you can enjoy this period of bliss with those you most cherish.

This card represents happy families, domestic idyll, peace, and oftentimes marriages and engagements. In the Rider Waite deck a family is depicted frolicking in a pastoral scene with ten cups and a rainbow above them. This imagery symbolises that after trials and errors, they have finally reached their bliss and can rest assured that these times should continue.

In a love reading, this card is an extremely positive sign. It predicts that you will have your fairy tale ending after your struggles and that the picture-perfect family life you dream of is within your grasp. It can reflect that you and your partner are very much on the same page with regards to your domestic arrangements and that starting a family is not out of the question.

If you have already been with your partner for a long time, this card can foreshadow a move of home and scenery. If this card appears as a negative in a love reading, it may mean that you both have conflicting ideals as to what constitutes a happy family and marriage. It can also hint that you may have overly idealistic preconceptions about how a relationship should be and that you ought to be more realistic. It can also reflect that the charm has faded from your partnership and you are finding it hard to keep the peace.

In a work and career reading, this card is rather positive. It often symbolises being able to achieve a picture-perfect family life through the fruits of your labours. It can also reflect that you consider those you work with to be like family or that you yourself will recruit your relatives to work with you to reach your goals. If this card is showing as a negative, it may reflect that lack of emotional stability with your home life is impacting your ability to work as effectively as you would like.

Positive Aspects: happy family life, marriage, children, commitment, possible house move, happy emotional life achieved through hard work

Negative Aspects: unrealistic idealism, unhelpful family environment