Six of Cups

Additional deck interpretation:

The Six of Cups points you towards a path of reminiscing about your past as you continue your journey through the seventy-eight passageways of growth.

This is the level on your continuous cycle of change when you yearn for the simpler times of the 'good old days' and perhaps your childhood. You laugh about your memories and remember the wonderful times you shared with a previous lover, soul mate, a former friend or family member.

The Six of Cups represents happy times when you are looking through your scrapbook and reminiscing about the days gone by.

However, you might need to review your past and have an honest talk with yourself about rekindling with old ties. This card is also associated with painful times when you were deceived and felt tied up in knots, had a hard time untying the knots and were unable to find yourself again because of a painful experience that had a heavy impact on you.

It's possible that the waves of nostalgia are visiting you, toying with your emotions about a past experience and making you wonder what could have been - why someone left your life without closure, or why you had to leave someone without closure.

This nostalgic turn may make you examine your life and see how you finally untied the knots of a past hurt and had the strength to move on. Even though you have made progress, during the Autumn cascade of falling leaves you still may feel some stinging pain of regret and wish that you could fully understand what might have been.

Numerical Number 6: This number is associated with harmony and connecting with the right relationship, or reconciling a situation and restoring harmony to feel at your best.

The Element of Water: The Six of Cups is associated with the elemental water qualities of the planet Neptune (the spiritual awakener) and the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The combination of Neptune in Scorpio takes you on the magic carpet ride regarding the memories of the past.

Probable Outcome: Because happy memories are flooding your thoughts, you might be missing someone from your past such as an old friend, lover, or family member, and have the urge to reach out and contact them. Or perhaps someone from the past might be on the verge of contacting you.

Maybe you are looking through your scrapbook and reminiscing about the days gone by.

Or you might have the opportunity to renew old ties at a high school, college, or family reunion.

Possible Outcome: You are living in the present and not focused on the past because you untied all the restricting knots and found yourself again. You are not looking back at what could have been. Nostalgia has no place in your life at this time.

Then again, you may be unable to channel the energies of the The Six of Cups into your life. If this is the case, you probably cannot untie the knots from the past and are still trying to heal from a past experience or bad childhood memories.

Timing: The Six of Cups predicts that an important feeling of nostalgia will be turned inwards, then outwards. This event may occur in the next weeks or months to come.