Six of Cups

The Six of Cups refers to the past. It may be that you are reminiscing of your past or someone from your past is about to step back into your life. It is a card about revisiting what has gone “before" in your life. It is also a card of happiness and fond memories.

Happy memories of your past come back to haunt you (in a good way) and there is a certain childlike quality around for you. This is a time to just go with the flow of life and see where it takes you.

This card can also relate to romance. The type of romance where there is a lot of childlike fun involved. The two people feel like kids laughing and playing together with no limit to their joy. On the other hand, and depending on the cards around it, there can also be one person acting in such a childish way that it is causing friction and tension between the two of you.

Is there a place you have always wanted to revisit from your past and if you did so would it bring up good or bad memories?

The Six of Cups can stand for your past on many different levels. You may run into an old friend or someone from school. You may be planning to visit your parents. If you have children of your own you may feel like entering the childlike spirit they convey to you.

Whatever it is there is joy, adventure and peace in this image and that is always a good thing. It might be time for you to think of how you can bring more of those qualities into your life, especially if you have been lacking them lately.