Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is sensitive and giving. This is a woman who has much understanding and cares for those around her.

If she is in your life you are very lucky indeed as she has a kind and gentle heart, which sometimes knows no bounds when it comes to understanding those around her.

She does not take life for granted, nor should she be taken for granted.

This Queen is highly imaginative, artistic and creative. She uses these qualities to sift through her emotions, and is highly in tune with those around her. This is a woman who is a great listener, whilst knowing what to say at just the right moment. She is not good around harsh people or criticism, as she will take much of it to heart.

The water signs of the zodiac, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are associated with the Queen of Cups. Just like these signs emotions are high on her list of priorities. These emotions include her own as well as yours. She can "read" a situation or "unspoken" word better than most. Because of this she needs to be aware of what are her emotions, and what emotions belong to others. If she gets too caught up in the emotional undercurrents of others then she may find it hard to cope.

It's a very good idea to give this woman tender, loving kindness, as she gives from her heart and expects the same in return. She is a rock to lean on in times of discord and stress.