Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is the romantic, playful, and sensitive little messenger. He represents the first flush of romantic interest, blossoming of new friendships, and an appeal to open your heart.

In the Rider Waite deck the Page of Cups is portrayed looking at his cup with a bemused expression as a small fish unexpectedly peeks out. The cup is representative of an emotional message and the fish symbolises messages, potential for offers of friendship, creativity and a sudden flash of intuition.

The undulating sea behind the Page is indicative of feelings developing. Something or someone has had their passion sparked and the Page is interested in exploring the possibilities.

In keeping with the nature of all the tarot Pages, the Page of Cups is not yet fully developed, not certain of himself or the path his emotions will take. When he appears, be aware that your emotional life could become a little more interesting.

In a love reading the Page of Cups represents someone whose interest you have piqued. They are curious and interested in you and are open to the potential of exploring the connection with you. Since this Page is a card of awakened but as yet undefined feelings, it is not clear whether or not they are interested in a romance or friendship with you. Be on the lookout for invitations and people interested in meeting you.

More negatively this Page refers to someone who is not unkind, but they have the tendency to be inconsistent and shallow in their affections. They may woo you with the prospect of outings or dates but not follow through in the end.

In a work reading the Page of Cups can signify that you will meet a charming and sociable person connected to your career. This meeting may turn into a romantic connection but it is more likely that you will have the opportunity to socialise and have fun with a colleague.

Positive Aspects: romantic interest, first flush of love, friendship, invitations

Negative Aspects: inconsistency, insincerity, immaturity, disappointed hopes