Four of Cups

The Four of Cups indicates that we are lost in the working of our own mind rather than trusting our connection with the universal heart.

While the universal heart tenderly ensures our protection, we remain self-absorbed in irrelevant contemplation. This contemplation is taking us deeper into the illusion that we are helping ourselves.

We convince ourselves that our being contemplative is helping us solve an emotional problem.

Are you trying to think your way out of a challenge and actually exacerbating it? Take a deep look. Is all this internal philosophizing a way to distract you from feelings? It's okay to take a break from hardship, but thoughts won't solve this particular predicament.

Eventually you will need to sit with your emotions which will neutralize, become calmed, from your love. This will bring you back to the universal heart. Guidance will be profound.

Right now you are not receiving the guidance as you are determined to run your own show, use your own mental apparatus to control, feel like you are the one who knows. This need to control has isolated you while the problem continues to fester inside.

The universe compassionately holds you, reminding you that waters of healing and wellness are yours when you are ready to face your own vulnerability.

It is possible that you got in this predicament by saying an imbalanced yes to people too many times. You may need to learn how to hold the loving force of a healthy no when you come out of your mental retreat.

What feeling propelled you into your excessive thinking? What emotion was unbearable? Can you identify where that emotion is in your body? Aim to be so present with this feeling that it takes you to new waters! It is suggested that you work with a healer or therapist to do this process as it can bring up a lot of vulnerability.

When you are ready to experience the emotions that have taken you into your mind, great liberation and freedom awaits. It will feel like drinking and bathing in deeply healing waters. The Lemurian Hawaii waters are yours from within when you are ready. Relief will then come.

When you reject the Four of Cups consciousness, you are cleverly distracting yourself with excessive mental activity that entices others. You are being a funny clown or entertainer who takes yourself far away from your heart and soul. While others are clapping, headed toward distracting rides themselves, your self-imposed sham will vanish or crash. In time, you will be forced to look into the gifts that call you more deeply!

The Four of Cups appears when growth is on hold, an emotion is purposefully blocked and you are taking a time out, looking for false solutions. It's okay. When you are ready for your bounty, you will do the work-play required!


Which emotions am I running from or fighting?


What feeling is in my heart? Go through the layers of what you find in your own heart. It is recommended that you do this with the help of a trustworthy healer or therapist.