Five of Cups

This card indicates loss and sorrow. It may be a time of regrets, lost hope, and despair. This is realistic. And most likely, it is not breaking news to you.

The battle for what you had wished has passed. Letting go is the wisest thing and clearly the only possible path now.

While the current feelings are not preferred, remember that all sad times do pass. By being kind and tender to yourself, the passage will be much easier.

While you may feel a minor urge to ignore your feelings, the deeper part of yourself (your heart) understands that this letting go time is necessary. You are grieving. You are tender. You were hurt. Hurt requires mending time. Hurt requires self-love and compassion.

At some point in this journey, forgiving another who led to the pain inside you will benefit you. If the time is not yet, be gentle with yourself. Don't push anything. Right now, you need your own patience.

Sometimes our innocence leads us to trust situations and people that are not trustworthy. Self-love and forgiveness is important. Our own positive intentions cause us to assume others have the same intentions. It's unfortunately not always so.

Sometimes we head straight towards an unseen betrayal to learn a spiritual lesson. The spiritual lesson is never that you are bad or being punished. The lesson can be discernment, non-attachment, or that you need to be clearer with criteria when articulating goals.

You did not ask to be hurt, but hurt you were. The angels send comfort as this was not their wish for you either. Their heart goes out to you.

Know that the universe loves you, cherishes you, and does hold you during this very sad time. It will pass.

When you have strayed from your path, you may be the one who betrayed and stimulated sad feelings in another. The highest road for you now is to apologize, listen lovingly to their experience, and seek guidance. Get help to understand yourself better so you don't repeat this action.

The Five of Cups has appeared to let you know that natural healing can take place when you accept feelings or situations for what they truly are. The false seeing has already passed. The sadness is here now. Love and forgiveness is the greatest answer. This takes a passage of time.


Speak lovingly and compassionately to yourself. Offer yourself kindness, sympathy, and forgiveness. Speak lovingly and compassionately toward anyone else involved. Offer other participants in this situation kindness, sympathy, and forgiveness when you are ready.


Feel the compassionate love from your own heart.