Five of Cups

A loss, but the kind of loss that you will look back on and know that it happened for a reason.

You may be hurt or feel betrayed but this is a growth period for you and a lesson will have been learned from recent events.

We cannot control how others behave and unconditional love is about allowing others to be exactly who they are, which isn't always who we would like them to be.

The important thing here is to focus on what remains, three cups are spilled but two remain, will you knock them over or look to see what can be saved?

Your fears of abandonment may prevent you from looking ahead and you may feel trapped in what is happening now, you may be angry, resentful, sad or depressed. You may have regrets, but the key to your future happiness is to learn from your mistakes and move ahead with your new found wisdom.

Perhaps one of the lessons here is to realise that love comes from within and no one can give us something that we are unable to give ourselves. The pain of loss is often acute when we depend on a source outside of ourselves for validation.