Five of Cups

“One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments.” - Henry Ward Beecher

Element of water power: The Five of Cups suggests unfilled expectations, a sense of imbalance, disappointment and unexpected disturbances. However, it is important to know that the universe is a "transient living organism" and transitioning from what you feel you have lost to what you may accumulate is the key to stepping out of your low point now.

The Five of Cups represents sadness or finding yourself in a place of negativity or emotional discontent. Note that this time in your life may be difficult at first. However, this card promises that there are other lovers or endeavors in the universe which will be better suited to your personality and or skills. It is a matter of keying into the right frequency and, when you finally realize that this is not as personal as you think it is, becoming aware of what can still come to you. When the universe makes these changes, it is very important to realize it was not meant to be a personal attack, but a correction in your course.

When failure is present in your life right now, KNOW that it is temporary, even though it is painful to be in the heat of the moment. The Universe always moves, and so do moments. Knowing this as a logical step forward shifts the low frequency consciously to a higher one, taking you out of your despair and into resolution. It is important that you understand that your energy is fluid and liquid like the power of the water element itself.

Transformation requires changing your outlook or of how you observe yourself now. Ask yourself these questions: "In what areas of my life do I fear disappointment? What have I learned from the disappointments I've experienced until now? How can I prevent disappointment?"

Every disappointment carries a lesson connected to it! Knowing this moves you from despair to resolution

At times of Imbalance: You may have had too many expectations or somewhere deep inside you lurks the fear of disappointment, which causes stagnation, immobility or lack of creativity. You may have overlooked something. Perhaps you didn't want to admit to contributing to your own disappointment. You may have ignored the warnings from your inner voice, but now you have to face the sobering facts and look them in the eye. Every disappointment contains, however, the possibility of an important learning experience.

Medicine: If you feel depressed, you need to seek the help of people who understand; don’t try to battle these feelings alone. The element of water power requires that you embrace the flow. Do not stagnate.

Mantra: I get to know my own reality by learning to see where I fool myself or deny my inner voice.