Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups indicates that you have fulfilled most, and possibly even all, aspects of your worldly life. Your desires have been well met. Personal and professional goals were reached. You derived satisfaction from this. You felt thanks.

But now you see there was something else you desired more deeply. No world goal met could fulfill an intense yearning that remains alive.

You are setting out to find inner fulfillment. You may call this truth, enlightenment, or spiritual fulfillment. You might be going out alone into the natural wilderness, or to a spiritual temple, or right into your own heart, silently and privately. You are at a very big turning point.

There is no indecision with this. Your mind and heart are certain. You are stepping off a bit of a cliff and that is fine with you. Whatever it takes to fulfill your deepest heart-yearning is what you will do.

And, just as you sense, this means doing very little. Finding the well of silent, still, oneness experience is what you hunger for. Ironically this experience has been waiting for you, programmed right inside your heart all along. You kind of sense this too. But you know that because of the kind of person you are, you must either break ties with the worldly life you live, or your attachments to it.

You will either leave a life you have known, or leave your attachment to it, focusing much more deeply on what you are generating inside. You are ready to find full love from inside instead of seeking it from circumstances that will forever come and go.

You have been hearing, seeing, or feeling inner prompts recently. You trust these more than anything. The success skills you obtained from the world served you well. But you are ready for something far more complete, fuller, to fill your heart.

You now know this "something" has to be discovered in yourself. It won't come from a couple-ship, marriage, family, community, job, financial reality or even a rewarding vacation. You are going into a deep turnaround in which you find what you most need is nameless, formless and priceless. However, it is very real.

At some point you will remember there is value to all inside of you and all outside too. Be careful not to burn bridges for no reason. Let people know your plans with loving care for them. If you are ending a career or contract do so responsibly and kindly to all involved. If you have to end a relationship, do this with kindness and tact.

When you reject the Eight of Cups energy, you are rejecting your inner prompting to awaken. You are blocking this with emotional force. You are afraid of what you may lose and what you may find.

Maybe the best way for you to start this inner journey is to practice meditation within the context of the life you already live. Drastic change is an option, but not necessary, to open new inner territory! It's OK to operate within the confines of the outer life you have set in place! So if you are avoiding the prompts, look into what you fear. Take a road that works for you.

The Eight of Cups is the card of spiritual fulfillment.


Can you find the place inside you that is pulling you, calling you? Will you pay attention?


Focus on the feeling in your heart that calls you inside.