Ace of Cups

New beginnings on an emotional plane.

This card can represent a new relationship, a new level of feeling in an existing one, or even the return and renewal of a past relationship.

Emotions are overflowing while hopes and dreams take on an innocent and hopeful feeling. Take your time to explore the potential of what is being offered.

All things are possible at this early stage and this card offers great promise for the future, and although this is only the very early stages - the commencement of the journey - it's about optimism and excitement at the prospect of all that could now be possible. Have fun. This period can be the foundation of a solid relationship. Pay attention to how these foundations are laid.

This is the time to establish boundaries and remember that self love is just as important as the love we have for others. Start as you mean to continue.

This card also represents the beginning of something that you love to do. Perhaps you have landed the job of your dreams, bought a new much loved pet or moved to a home that you love in an area that you enjoy.