Ace of Cups

“Life in abundance comes only through great love.” - Elbert Hubbard

Element of water power: The Ace of Cups represents love, with water as the element representing emotions. In a reading, this card will remind us of a beginning of love or new energies of purity, promise and hope. The pond is filled with lotus flowers, a symbol of love and of the divine giving nature. The cup overflows with water or emotions, feelings flowing to the surface.

The Ace of Cups is the medium which brings to light all energies coming together. The feminine principal of all things divine brings in that which is within and that which is outside, a sacred union. If this card does not represent a person, it denotes that it is now time to be open and receptive to new ideas. Surrender in the moment and allow the sense of creativity to flow through for you. The power of transformation and healing is within your space right now.

This Ace is divided into two portions, the upper and the lower. These portions embody the same quality - below in the emotional realm of water, above in the ethereal sphere of the spirit. As above, so below. You are reminded in this way to become aware that what you feel internally is expressed externally. Emotions are the keys that one must observe to learn how to bring the heart and head into a balance.

The Ace of Cups also represents effortless love which will continue to flow in a boundless manner from the universe if we remain open and receptive to it. The giving of love happens effortlessly. The key here is to remember to notice your inner feelings and needs, and to acknowledge them as part of the universal power that is as creative as fire but is more encompassing like water. Take care to nurture your soul along the way.

In business, new influences and impulses that come into your life may also be represented by the Ace of Cups. They may change the course you were on or alter your thoughts about a particular situation. When this occurs, be sure to make any change the best possible path for the most effective outcome.

Ask yourself, "What is my ability to express love?" Work on the sense of connecting with how you feel. Allow yourself to surrender to receiving divine insights from the Universe.

Take note that this is your time to feel all that you have always needed to express in your mind, body and soul. Keep in contact with what you observe and with what you feel.

At times of Imbalance: You may feel overly exuberant and want to splash out on every urge. Be mindful to step back and to take a deep breath. There is no rush - all happens in an infinite flow of energy

Medicine: Be alert for indications that new spiritual forces are at work, reshaping the way you see things. This Ace is highly spiritual in nature, connecting with the psychic part of ourselves, and offering wisdom and teaching in many varying ways. Hold your consciousness of whatever you see as the High Force in life as clearly as you can, and let your spirit talk to you.

Mantra: All love fills me now.