AI Tarot Readings
The Future of Online Tarot Reading?

Since Lotus Tarot first opened its doors in the summer of 2002, we've remained dedicated to providing the internet's most authentic automated tarot experience for our users. Our commitment to offering a basic but genuinely valuable, ad-free service at absolutely zero cost, as well as enhanced readings for a nominal fee, has remained our priority.

Now, with the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the site, we're excited to introduce a new and innovative cutting-edge service, as Lotus Tarot partners with OpenAI to deliver probably the world's most precise and insightful AI-powered online tarot readings.

Here's a brief FAQ about our AI system, covering how it works, how it generates tarot readings, and tips for making the most of this new Lotus Tarot feature.

Feel free to scan the questions and click on any that pique your curiosity to reveal the answer.

If you need specific help with the Ai readings, or with any other aspect of the website, please click here

Ai, or artificial intelligence, is a technology that enables machines to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, such as learning, reasoning, and problem-solving.

We know that there are concerns about Ai and its potential consequences. The notion of Ai "going rogue" and wreaking global havoc is often seen in movies and fiction - it makes a great story!

In reality, responsible Ai development, such as OpenAI's work, ensures that Ai remains safe, ethical, and beneficial to all.

Our Ai-powered tarot readings use complex algorithms to analyze huge amounts of data relating to the tarot, and can use that data to generate impressively accurate readings.

Just like a traditional tarot reading conducted by a human, you can ask our Ai readers specific questions and they will generate unique and personalised readings just for you.

Good question!

Since Lotus Tarot incurs a fee each time we access our partner's Ai service, we need to pass those costs on to our users in the form of a minimal charge for each generated reading. We do make a modest profit from the readings, which helps support the ongoing development of the site and the maintenance of the other numerous free services we offer our millions of visitors.

In case you weren't aware, Lotus Tarot has provided over 200 million completely free tarot readings during our first 20 years online, and this number continues to grow by another million more each month.

All visitors to Lotus Tarot have access to the AI readings, however, a small fee is charged for each reading taken, regardless of membership status. This fee is paid using Lotus Tarot Tokens (LTT), which can be purchased in various amounts and used at your discretion and convenience - go here for details and prices.

We do also include a reasonable amount of LTT with each membership purchase or renewal - go here for details.

Yes, we believe so, and they also offer a significant difference. Our Ai system is meticulously designed and continuously refined to understand the symbolism and meaning of each tarot card. This understanding is then directly applied to address the questions you pose about your personal circumstances, providing tailored guidance and insights. Without the AI's influence, achieving this level of personalization in automated readings would be impossible.

No, absolutely not. We are very fond of all our automated readings and have no intention of replacing them. The Ai service is an optional new section of Lotus Tarot, intended to provide our users with additional tools to enhance their tarot reading experience.

The algorithm we use to access the Ai model allows us to generate readings in various styles, ranging from thoughtful and introspective to upbeat and optimistic. By selecting a reader whose personality style resonates with you, you'll receive a reading that feels more personalized and relevant to your life experiences.

No…. or at least, not yet!

While we've done our best to ensure that our Ai-powered tarot readings are as accurate and personalized as possible, due to the quirks and nuances of artificially intelligent language models there may be instances where your reading disappoints.

If this happens, lets us know and we'll refund the tokens for that reading. We suggest you then simply try a second reading with the same question, since each and every reading the Ai generates will be unique. You can also try selecting a different Ai reader, to get a slightly different perspective on your situation

The technology is advancing rapidly, and the readings will continue to improve in both accuracy and their originality and personalization.

Yes, that’s one of the most amazing aspects of this new service. Rather than attempting to 'read between the lines' and interpret your automated reading to match the question you truly wanted to ask, the AI reader takes care of it for you, relating the cards you draw directly to your specific question(s).

However, how you phrase your questions and comments makes a difference... there's an art to interacting with the Ai models. We'll be creating resources to help our clients learn and develop this skill, which is going to be handy in the future as Ai becomes more and more integrated into our social systems. For now, here's a page with some helpful pointers

Simply sign in to your Lotus Tarot account and click on ‘Online Readings’. Then select ‘Ai Readings’ from the topic drop down at the top of the page, and choose one of the available reading spreads. Or go here to explore our wide range of advanced AI Tarot Readings, tailored to your personal situation.

We’d love your feedback, please feel free to reach out to David.

We'll be rolling out new features and upgrades to our Ai-powered tarot readings on a regular basis, and we’ll update everyone via the ‘What’s New’ section of the Lotus Mail weekly mailer. If you aren’t already subscribed, you can do that now by clicking here

AI Tarot Readings