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I am amazed at how accurate these readings are. The only other person who has given me readings so accurate and true is my mother. And I figured that is because we have a mother daughter bond. How can your readings over the Internet be so "right on?". Every single card was RIGHT! WOW!!!
Monique Barreras, Everett, Washington, USA

* LTT (Lotus Tarot Tokens) are required to access the Ai readings ...more info »

The Lotus Tarot Membership Guarantee

As with all Lotus Tarot digital products our online reading memberships guarantee satisfaction, or your money back!

"You have our personal guarantee, and our reputation as one of the most popular and established Tarot websites on the internet, that if for ANY reason whatsoever you feel you have not received value for money or have spent your money unwisely, you only need to ask for a refund and it will be given in full - without question or hesitation"

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You have provided an incredible service that is unmatched anywhere on the net.
Glen, Providence, Ireland

Turn confusion into Clarity and Insight by getting more precise answers to your questions.

Whilst we are really fond of our free readings, a general outlook/Major-Arcana-only spread can't be expected to provide detailed and specific help and advice on every issue. So we've created specific readings to cover these areas and give you even more of the answers, advice and focus you're looking for.

Using additional spreads brings more detail to your attention. It helps you to more clearly understand the happenings in your life.

This helps you make better decisions and move towards more positive outcomes and a happier and more fulfilling life.

It's the same technique used by most readers in their one-to-one private sessions.

Are Live readings and Ai readings included in the membership fee?

The membership gives you unlimited access to all the automated online readings which are locked to free users (those with the padlock icon).

The membership fee does not cover private one-to-one sessions with our live readers.

However, each membership does include a package of LTT (Lotus Tarot Tokens) for use with the Ai readings. Whilst the Ai readings are not a substitute for talking with real live psychic, they are more personal and interactive than the other automated readings, and you can ask questions to make them even more specific and accurate to your situation.

"I can't decide!"

Then don't decide yet!

Become a member, try out the readings, and if they fail to deliver what you expect - use the guarantee - any time you like!

Let the quality of our service make the decision for you!

"If I order now, how long will it be before I can use the membership readings?"

Once your payment is authorised your membership is activated immediately.

It usually only takes a few seconds for authorisation, so you could be using the member readings and enjoying membership privileges in a few minutes from now!

"I don't feel comfortable using my credit card on the internet"

We totally understand this concern and have concerns too whenever we pay for something on the net. But did you know that it's far safer to give your card details over a secure internet server than using your card in the high street or over the phone? Secure servers are protected by 'encryption' security that even government code breakers can't crack!

That's why we use PayPal to handle all membership transactions. We don't do it here on the site, we direct you to PayPal's Secure Server to process the payment. In fact, we don't even see your credit card number or other card details - it's all done by PayPal, the most popular, trusted payment gateway on the internet.

Oh my GOSH! these are great readings - I can't believe a computer generated reading could be so right on!! Very inspiring words as well and just what is needed at this time in my life journey.
Lori, British Columbia, Canada

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* The guarantee does not extend to repeat membership purchases (obviously!)