What's Your Court Card? by LT

We wanted to add an element of fun to the site with this free reading, as well as offer something to help you get more value from the other readings.

In the Tarot, the Court Cards can represent people, moods or events, or aspects of your own personality.

Each card corresponds to an astrological sign - for example, if you are a female Gemini your Court Card is the Queen of Swords, which represents the Air signs. However, those who know you may say your personality is more akin to the Queen of Wands, which represents the Fire signs.

Knowing this kind of information can help you to better understand the messages in your readings, as the appearance of 'your' court card could be referring to you personally, rather than an event or circumstance. You can usually work this out from the context of the reading as a whole.

So we've created this little routine for you to work out your own two Court Cards: your 'Astrological Card' and your 'Personality Card'

Hopefully, this will give you an extra dynamic to your readings, but like all aspects of Tarot, don't take it too literally!

When you're ready, take a deep breath and let's begin...

Simply select your date of birth and sex below, then answer the 5 fun personality test questions and choose one from each of the word pairs. Just pick the answers you feel most drawn to in the moment, don't agonize over them!

When the cards are displayed to you, pick the one you most identify with, and select this as your 'Personal Court Card'. It will then be flagged for you, whenever it appears in one of your readings.

Your Personal Information:

Now select the options you feel most drawn to:
(don't think too hard, just pick)

Now choose the word in each pair which most relates to you: