Two of Wands

The Two of Wands sometimes can symbolize seeking out things beyond your immediate space, branching out as it were. It may also mean that you might be focusing too much on something.

When I pull this card in a reading, however, it's to remind the querent to let some things unfold on their own and to stumble on them organically.

For many of us, whenever we talk to psychics, we want to straight up know all the answers to what's coming up for us. It gives us some sort of illusion of control, when really if we have too much information, it can misdirect our energies, then alter and screw up that path.

There are always multiple paths we can take, and the future is constantly in flux because of our free will and others' free will. So while some psychic information can be helpful here, when this card comes up, know that the story here is still unfolding, and that you will have the information you need when you are supposed to have it, which is not right now. In the meantime, trust your inner strength and guidance.

Again, the more we fear what's coming next, the more that is our body saying “You're forgetting to make sure you aren't outsourcing your well-being onto unstable things. You need to take time to strengthen the connection to yourself, to remember your values, and value and worth."

You will know what to do. You will get the clarity you need, whether it's with love, or career, or school, or whatever. Trust.